Friday, July 30, 2010

July Sewing Group

Wow, for it being Summer and most everyone coming in and out on vacations, we had a good turnout. There was room for more ladies, so don't be shy reply to the evite! If you want to get evited email me your email address!

I had four students doing 3 different projects. The project for this month was this See & Sew Pattern - rats the picture didn't get the pattern number - No biggie I wouldn't recommend it to a beginning or intermediate sewer anyways.

Two of the ladies sewed my toned down version of this bag, plus they didn't like all the pockets so we condensed it to two pockets. This project added another item on my to do list, they would like me to repattern it and write easier directions. I've added it to the list ladies, can't promise how long it will be.

The bags turned out great!:

They are still a little scared of making button holes so I do those from them on my machine.

Then the creative skirt, I had done a class were we did A-line skirts with a yoke and then a couple of months ago we did a Gathered Skirt on a waistband. Well this skirt is a combination of the two. The yoke from the A-line skirt, I had her pattern in the computer from last time so I just reprinted it. Then we did the math to figure out the size of the square needed to gather into the yoke.

It turned out Great! Very Creative Portia!

Then my little sister was making a baby blanket for a baby shower. We machine embroidered the baby's name on it and she then just put the front and back together and added Satin Binding. She wasn't liking the mitered corners, but she's got it down now!


KDC Events said...

Hello! Visiting from the 31DBBB. Man I wish I could sew! Hope the challenge is going well for you, I am playing catch up today =) Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

The projects all look fantastic. What kind of sewing machine can embroider a name? It is one of the fancy programmable ones, or can you use a regular machine?

Katie said...

I just love your blog, and really am inspired to sew by reading your posts. Time still has not allowed for actually turning the sewing machine on (Step 1), but maybe one day!

Today in my post, I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award, because I want others to see what a great job you are doing.

Read about it here:


ModistaModesta said...

Mrs. Mayhem - mine is one of those fancy programmable ones - but machine embroidery can be done on a regular sewing machine (takes a lot of practice and is a real art) but if you can lower your feed dogs (those are the little teeth under the presser foot) then it can be done.

*mental note idea for a blog post - do embroidery without the fancy machine.

Thank you - I'll add that to my list.


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