About Me

Modista Modesta means Modest Designer in Spanish.

I taught my self to sew at the age of 11. My mom would collect blue chip stamps and I would put them together in the little books. We usually cashed them in often but for some reason or another we once acquired enough for one of the big rewards. I convinced her to get a sewing machine. When it arrived I opened it up and started reading the manual and translating it to spanish for my mother. I would do what the book said and I would show her how to do it. My mother never did sew anything but it started me on my path.

I then picked up on other crafts such as quilting, cross-stitch, embroidery, stamping, scrap booking, beading! I love picking up a book and teaching myself new things.

I taught my self how to knit by hand and machine a few years ago. I love doing and teaching all these crafts.

I have a Degree in Fashion Design with which I hope to some day have a Modest Formalwear clothing line, for right now we are starting small with PDF sewing patterns on Etsy or www.ModestEve.com

This is some of the all over the place stuff - that consumes my all over the place Life!


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