Saturday, April 25, 2009

Prom Dress

I finished the prom dress last week but I wasn't allowed to put pictures up until she wore it. So here they are!

They reproduced the era perfectly.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Planted my Peach Tree - Happy Earth Day

I finally planted the peach tree I bought about a month ago. I loved the garden when I was in San Diego, probably because all you had to do it plant stuff and water it every now and then. It's much different in the Desert. I've bought a ton of plants since I moved here in 03 - Wow, it's been a long time. Well all those plants are dead. Some before they made it in the ground.

I unlike most people, (and plants) am ok doing work outside in 105 degree heat. I think it comes from having done Cross-Country in High School we would start running 5 to 10 miles a day in early August, when it's up to 105 degrees at 8 AM. So with that being said I hope I can keep the tree alive, and attempt to beautify it's surroundings. Since I planted it smack in the middle of the Vast Desert we call a back yard.

Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Custom A-line skirt with yoke Pattern

For our sewing class on April 28th, We will be copying Erica's skirt. This is an A-line skirt with a 4 inch yoke.

I will need you to give me 4 measurements. If you are new to taking measurements or if you need your husband to help you, here is the best way to prep yourself. Put on some snug clothing, but not to wear it's tight. Take some take and tape your "Natural Waist" this is the smallest part of your waist it might not be were you wear your skirts. Than take some tape and start at the waist and go down past the fullest part of your hip area.

1. Skirt Waist: The first measurement I need is the Skirt Waist Cirumference. Take a tape measure (or have your hubby) and measure around where you would like the Skirt Waist to fit. Mark the Lengthwise tape at the point you took the measurement.

2. Full Hip: Then I need the Full Hip measurement. Take a tape measure and measure as you did for the skirt waist but make sure you are going around your fullest hip area, if you have a large belly this measurement might not be at your bum, it might be higher. Mark the Lengthwise tape at the point you took the measurement.

3. Waist to hip: Then I need to know your Waist to hip measurement. This means that you are measureing the distance between the two marks that you made on the Lengthwise tape.

4. Skirt Length: Last I need to know how long you want your skirt. Take the tape measure and measure from you Skirt Waist (the first mark you did on the Lengthwise tape) to your knee, or below your knee, or where ever you want your skirt hem to be.

If you don't have someone willing to measure you, feel free to call me as you are driving around town, and drop by my house and I'll measure you, it only takes 5 min.

I'll then create a Pattern for your sizes and email it to you, depending on how much time I have (between the prom dress, the wedding dress, and the 1st communion dress) I might get the directions written up, if not they will be on the chalk board again when you come to sew.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Craft Sat

We will be having a Super Craft Saturday, May 2nd from 10 AM to Noon. With Soup and Salad Lunch after our crafts. We have a total of 7 classes to choose from plus we will be having a short exercise demo before lunch in the Cultural Hall.

Here are the crafts:

Baby Bows

Portia Walker and Holly Platt will be showing you how to make a variety of cute bows:
Basic Bow $1
Figure eight with flower $1.50
Infant head band $2
Flower on Clip $1
Double ribbon bow $2

They will be bringing you ribbon and flowers - you will need to provide your own buttons and shiny bangles if you want them.

Word wood blocks

These are 4 x 4 wood blocks that you will paint then decoupage the front with paper, you can then either cut letter out of different paper or bring chipboard letters. You can also add ribbon around the block to hide any folds in your paper.

Cost is $3. this is for the wood block (tell us how many you need) and for the shared cost of the decoupage glue, foam brushes, and spary Acrylic sealer.

You will need to bring your craft paper, 2nd sheet of paper for your letters (or chipboard letters), a small can of paint or paint spray (color to match your paper) and Ribbon.

I need someone to take charge of this project - please call me to volunteer. Everything is already set up, but I will be in the Relief Society room with the sewing machines and the knit project.

Emergency Preparedness Bag

This bag was designed by a RS Enrichment Leader after the Northridge Earthquake. Even though many people have flashlights by their bed, after the earthquake struck, nothing was where it had been put. Flashlights were flung across rooms. Glasses that had carefully been placed on nightstands had fallen. It was 4:30 am with no light. No way to look around for items.
She had come up with this as an easy way to confine those items in an earthquake. By just taking an old platemat and an old washcloth she had constructed this hanging storage bag. In the compartments were a flashlight, reading glasses, and a whistle. The whistle is for an emergency - if your roof came down on you, you should be able to reach for it and use
it to call for help.

You will need to bring a sewing machine if you have one, a placemat and a washcloth. There is no additional cost for this, you will be bringing everything you need with you.

Knit handbag with Bamboo handles

Knit/Sew this cute handbag with bamboo handles.

You will need to knit a piece of fabric at least 10" wide x 20" long. The wider your fabric the more you have to gather onto the circular handles. The longer your fabric the deeper your bag. If you choose a loose knit stitch or a funky yarn you may need to line the bag with fabric to make it stable.

You will need to bring your knit fabric at least 10" x 20", a piece of fabric the same size as your knit piece, and a sewing machine if you have one.

There will be an additional charge of $5 for the bamboo handles.

Seed bead Swarovski Crystal Necklace & Earings

Stephanie Dickerman will be showing you how to bead this necklace and earrings.

It's easy to do, it's just one long string of beads. You can choose a green pack or blue pack of beads.

Total cost of the project is $10. for the complete kit. Last day to sign up for this project is April 26th!!


(I borrowed this picture from this etsy shop: )

The one's that Jean makes are mostly pictures. But you can put just about anything in the Resin.

Jean Ginther will be showing you how to make these cool magnets. This is a free project, but you do need to sign up!

Dessert Cooking class

Lisa Caress will be demostrating how make cream puffs and ├ęclairs and filling them with different flavored puddings and
whipped creams. That we will have for Dessert!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April fools - We hope not!

In our quest to figuring out how to pay for college we did a search for scholarships, we told everyone we know "Stephanie has been accepted to Cal Maritime Academy". People are very forth coming about giving you information to apply for any and all scholarships they know about.

I've been a member of the Ladies Auxiliary Verteran's of Foreign Wars, and when I told them they gave us lots of information, Stephanie applied to all those that she qualified for. One was a Patriotic Art Contest, now that's where my child excels!

They allowed Photography and well that put her at a great advantage! So today Our Auxiliary President Mary Ryser comes over to the house, and tells Stephanie that she has won in the whole District, and that her picture is now going to State! If it wins in CA then it goes on to Nationals, there is where they will be giving out Money, $10,000 for first, $5,000 for second, $2,000 for third, and $1,000 for fourth.

So off goes her picture - and we hope it's not an April fools! Good luck Stephanie. She took all those pictures, and brought them together in photoshop, the caption says 'Loyal till the End'


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