Monday, July 12, 2010

Portuguese Sweet Bread

Next to the Kona Historical Society shop and Museum is a very large oven made of lava rock and coral the coral is ground and burned and in that processes it makes lie which I'm told is the basic component of concrete. They really knew how to use there Island resources!

They make a fire in the Oven and let it burn out, then they remove the fire and wait for it to cool to the temperature they need and they bake the bread in ambient heat.

This oven is on the Greenwell property, I would imagine that because Mrs Greenwell took care of the Store and home-schooled her children as well as other promising local children, the hired help would have been the one to do the baking, Or she might have been like many Mega mom's of today and made time for her baking. Except for the fact that the process from start to finish took all morning I might believe it.

If you decide to visit they will let you roll out the bread and put it on the baking trays - but if you are there for rolling time keep in mind the Oven isn't ready until around 11 and the bread isn't done baking until 12:30. We didn't wait around but it looked so good!

Here is a recipe I found on a blog:

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