Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Custom A-line skirt with yoke Pattern

For our sewing class on April 28th, We will be copying Erica's skirt. This is an A-line skirt with a 4 inch yoke.

I will need you to give me 4 measurements. If you are new to taking measurements or if you need your husband to help you, here is the best way to prep yourself. Put on some snug clothing, but not to wear it's tight. Take some take and tape your "Natural Waist" this is the smallest part of your waist it might not be were you wear your skirts. Than take some tape and start at the waist and go down past the fullest part of your hip area.

1. Skirt Waist: The first measurement I need is the Skirt Waist Cirumference. Take a tape measure (or have your hubby) and measure around where you would like the Skirt Waist to fit. Mark the Lengthwise tape at the point you took the measurement.

2. Full Hip: Then I need the Full Hip measurement. Take a tape measure and measure as you did for the skirt waist but make sure you are going around your fullest hip area, if you have a large belly this measurement might not be at your bum, it might be higher. Mark the Lengthwise tape at the point you took the measurement.

3. Waist to hip: Then I need to know your Waist to hip measurement. This means that you are measureing the distance between the two marks that you made on the Lengthwise tape.

4. Skirt Length: Last I need to know how long you want your skirt. Take the tape measure and measure from you Skirt Waist (the first mark you did on the Lengthwise tape) to your knee, or below your knee, or where ever you want your skirt hem to be.

If you don't have someone willing to measure you, feel free to call me as you are driving around town, and drop by my house and I'll measure you, it only takes 5 min.

I'll then create a Pattern for your sizes and email it to you, depending on how much time I have (between the prom dress, the wedding dress, and the 1st communion dress) I might get the directions written up, if not they will be on the chalk board again when you come to sew.


Monica said...

sounds like it makes sense i'll have josh help me measure tomorrow and test it out.

ModistaModesta said...

Cool, then email them. I found some denim and some brown suede with embroidery, in the clearance, and the Clearance at Joann's is and extra 50% off until the 25th. Those these are going to be two cheep skirts, oh I have the zippers for the two fabrics I bought in case you like either one, for you!


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