Monday, July 12, 2010

Kona Historical Society

I love to visit museums when I travel. There weren't many on the side of the Big Island that we were at but I loved the Kona Historical Society Museum.

I also like to drive cars that I would most likely never buy - actually I haven't driven a car yet that I would trade my Dodge Dakota for. This Mazda 6 made me think. It has the ability to put it in manual or automatic, which I didn't realize until the poor car started sounding very funny I had put it in manual shift and just drove. Zoom Zoom!

Travelers Warning: When you bring a GPS with you and assume that it will take you around were you need to go, make sure that you check to see if it has a map of where you are going. A current one would be nice also.

When all else fails make sure you know how to read an old fashion map!

The Kona Historical Society was donated a home (shop actually) of Mr. Greenwell a Rancher and businessman of the 1800's . When you visit they give you a shopping list from a family of the period and you go into the store and ask the store keeper for the items on your list, and she tells you all about the items and the times.

We received the list of Portuguese rancher Pico Golarte he leased several acres from Greenwell and worked the land.

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