Monday, August 17, 2009

Steph's College Fund

Well Steph's College Fund is non-existant. I now wish that even though I believed there wasn't enough money to pay the bills for the past 18 years I would have set a little something aside, I now know that even $5 dollars here and a couple dollars there would really help right about now.

Stephanie has worked really had to get into one of the top Maritime Academy's in the Nation unfortunetly it's about $26,000 a year. She's almost there she has applied to every Grant, every Scholarship, every special Fund she knew about.

But here we sit 2 weeks away from dropping her off at College and she is still $2,000 shy of what she needs by Sept. 2nd.

So she takes some notes from Mom - when all else fails and the day job isn't paying the bills - you start your own business.

Here is what Stephanie is selling on Etsy:

If you don't see anything that you would like to purchase but would still like to help stephanie with a few dollars - you can click here and make a donation through Paypal. This is not a Tax deductible donation it goes straight into Stephanie's Checking account.

Thank you all for your support.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I love Bags & luggage

I love quality bags and suitcases. I can admire there craftmanship and detail. I still can't seem to bring myself to pay that kind of money for them - But they are certianly eye candy.

I'm on a lot of mail lists - and one that I like to receive is the infomat - I like to see what is going on with the fasion industry. So every year last week in August is 'Magic' in Las Vegas - oh I would so love to go. For now I'll just drool at the pictures, and browse the manufactures websites.

Here is a really cool one:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another year Older

My life has been really stressful these last couple of months, and I haven't been doing all that I normally do, like blogging! I still can't manage to get the house organized and all the boxes emptied and out of the house. Clutter seems to cripple me.

Yet the move was a good one, because we were able to host my nephew's 2nd Birthday party at the pool - actually one of the many pools in this gated community.

It was great! He is such an adorable child, his mom calls him a holly terror, but isn't that what all 2 year old boys are?

And then on August 9th was my Birthday and a wonderful friend dropped by and gave me a cake. I'm sure I'll get back into the groove - I'm hoping soon!


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