Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some sewing

I've learned that in order to stay sane I must sew, knit or craft! So I pulled out all of my Unfinished Projects and piled them all on my desk and started from the top.

My sister handed me a little dress that she just didn't want to let go of, but the baby's head didn't fit in the neck opening any more. So what do you do with a little dress that doesn't fit the little person's head any more?

You add a little zipper! Forgive the picture - there is a zipper there - I didn't realize the picture was so bad, and I've already returned the dress to it's owner.

Then there's my daughter and the fact that she has been saying over and over again - I don't have any long skirts for church - you need to make me some skirts - the long one's at the store are for old ladies! So I dug through a bag that had fabric from a recent trip to LA that got put away in the move in the plastic bag and never pulled out. And Stephanie scored! I made her this gathered skirt on a 3" waist band with a zipper on the side and 2 buttons.

I have enough fabric to make another - I've listed it on Etsy as a custom skirt - I only have enough fabric to make a skirt with the max waist of 34" and max length of 20".

Getting some of these projects off my desk really helps in bringing back the focus to Center!!


Keeslermom said...

Uhg! I have a pile of fabric sitting on the counter that my daughter is begging me to turn into a skirt. Maybe this will inspire me to get it done????

Momma Chick said...

You are such a crafty one! Sewing is one thing I have always wanted to learn. Will have to look into sewing classes in my area.

Rachel said...

I love sewing! Wish I had more time! Thanks for your inspiration and tips. Thrilled to have found you through Mom Loop's FF and now following.

Unknown said...

@Keeslermom - the skirt came together quickly, I'm not sure why I was procrastinating so, I've already got a few more cut out. I was thinking of writing up the instructions for this one on a blog post. Just need to find the time.

Unknown said...

@butterfly11780 - I live in Indio, CA - if you ever want a sewing lesson and are near by feel free to contact me :-) I love to teach!

the jilted ballerina said...

Really enjoyed your blog... Visiting from the Mom Loop Follow Fridays. Hope you'll visit my blog

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I totally love your skirt. The fabric is wonderful.Stopping from Mom Loop to follow.

Monica said...

that skirt turned our super cute.

~SHANNON~ said...

So clever! I wish I could sew! What an awesome skill to have!

I'm your newest follower from Mom Loop Friday Follow! I hope you'll come follow me back!



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