Thursday, May 22, 2008

San Diego Mesa College Fashion Show part 2

When I attended Mesa they didn't allow wedding dresses as our final projects, I'm glad they changed that rule as there were some beautiful creations.

There is always an enormous amount of models needed - so you would never guess that some of these guys are amateurs.

I had to do a part two to add more pictures - it would only let me add five.

San Diego Mesa College Fashion Show

Every year I have the privilege to attend the San Diego Mesa College Fashion show that happens in May. It's a wonderful event. This year I was able to take my daughter the budding photographer. She did a great job with the pictures. There is always a Silent Auction before the show, there were some great things but the best was a package from Zandra Rhodes - There were 3 illustrations of her designs that were used in the Magic Flute at the San Diego Opera and a hand painted and autographed scarf. I didn't see how much it sold for, but it was more than I could pay when I walk by it.

At Mesa college one of the first required classes is Appeal construction and the first project in that class is a girls toddler size dress, everyone does one. It creates great fun at the fashion show.

Something new this year was the addition of two dance numbers by the Mesa College Dance group, they were great.

Prom dress

Having a blog has really helped the fact that I now make it a point to take pictures - at least of the finished project - even though these pictures are not of the finished project. I added sworaski crystals on the rouching of the lower band. A young lady came to me with a picture from a magazine, and asked me to make one just like it. - (I should have taken a picture of that, I'll figure out this blogging thing eventually) I used Garment Designer like I always do - typed in her measurments and then started drafting. I had to do some seperating of pieces but it worked just fine in giving me a strapless I could work with. - I should figure out how to post either screenshots of the pattern pieces or the patterns themselves. Like I said I'll figure this blogging thing out eventually.

Knitting Woe's

I never imagined that there were so many different yarns. I'm going to have to create myself a cheat sheet with all the weights names and what there suggested uses maybe. And then there is the fact that I seem to be attracted to the novelty yarns, and that is where my woe's come in. So my goal for this year was to learn increases, and decreases and make a top. I went to my LYS and bought the first thing to catch my eye. Big mistake and I didn't read the label, it has something that looks like a rubber band holding the yarn together. I couldn't even swatch it. Then I went into my yarn stash (very large stash that was given to me) and I found another beautiful yarn, That one I was able to swatch but it took me 3 hours to knit less that four inches, because the yarn is stringy, it seems to be made of lots of individual strings. So the hand progress isn't progressing so I decided to pull out the knitting machines - I got as far as giving myself a headache trying to decide which one to set up. I am determined to learn the Art of knitting.


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