Friday, October 23, 2009

Crazy Life

My life has been so crazy for months now. I really thought that when Stephanie went off to college I would have so much time to do other stuff - actually hoping to sew more than I had.

There is so much craziness in the world - on our way to drop Stephanie off at college we had to drive through LA - well it was on fire. The smell reminded me of the San Diego fires, not a happy memory. I do remember firefighters from all over the near by cities and states that came to help, I choke up every time I think about all those men and women that risk there lives to same our lives and material possessions. I just had to try to capture the moment.

I love to drive and see the country. I remember my first drive to San Francisco in 1999. My family and I drove up for a state fashion competition, I actually brought home a ribbon that year, But what I remember the most is the wonderful green rolling hills. I driven out there several times since but it has always been at night. I was actually excited that I was going to be driving during the day. So I drove and drove and it was brown and dry. I then run into this:

Why? How? Who? I don't know the story behind this sign but I sure didn't enjoy my drive like I had in the past. Crazy!


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