Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008

I don't work today, is the only reason that I have decided to take on this time consuming task of posting (read previous post).

Christmas was great, it wasn't what it used to be but, it was good in different ways. Michael was home and not in Iraq. He ate 3 dozen tamales, and half the pot of Posole.

He didn't make it until Midnight.

Stephanie built the most colorful ginger bread house.

So we opened gifts early. There is always one large gift in our family and it's usually something that is needed but brought up a notch. Stephanie needs a new laptop the one she has is dying so she got a Mac Book.

Michael even at 24 years old go toys, and he loves to play with them - he drove the dog crazy with his remote control 2009 Corvette.

My brothers dropped in for a short visit on Christmas Eve to eat

and then again on Christmas day to open there gifts.

Yes, that is how big our Christmas Stockings are.

We missed my brother Rigo, who didn't have enough days off to fly from DC to San Francisco and then to Palm Springs, so he stayed in San Francisco.

And My sister Monica and her hubby and baby went to his parents house in Antiock - near San Francisco. They came up with a solution to the "where will we be for Christmas" they switch off years, one year your parents, one year my parents. It seems fair.

Why I haven't posted.

I haven't posted because everything on this computer has become a real pain to do. The keyboard to the Mac mini died, in the middle of a sentence. I was actually excited at first - I get a cool new keyboard and mouse, so off I go to the apple store and buy a new keyboard and mouse. I get them home and check the system requirements, which I should have checked at the store, but I didn't. It requires 10.4 - I don't have 10.4 I have 10.3.9. I call apple before I open the packages just in case there is not big difference and it might just work, But no it doesn't and the lady suggests that I not open the packages and return them. So I did.

I drove around all day to every store that sold electronics. The lady at apple said that 'Kensington' keyboards were Mac compatible, I found one at Curcuit city, but it was cordless which wouldn't have been bad, but I don't have bluetooth enabled on the Mac mini, so it wouldn't have worked without additional software.

Then it hit me Wal-Mart, I hate Wal-Mart (that's all I'll say about that). So I went to Wal-Mart and found a $15 keyboard for old technology and it works - except, for some reason it will only work while it is plugged into the computer, and not the USB hub. I took my USB mouse from my Windows computer and plugged it in - again it will only work while plugged into the computer and not the USB hub. And guess what there are only 2 USB ports on the Mac mini, so if I want to print, I have to stand up and unplug the keyboard and plug in the printer, if I need something from my external drive I have to stand up and unplug the keyboard and plug in the external drive.

And when I want to take pictures from the camera, I have to pull them off one at a time, because the mouse needs to be plugged in and of course the camera needs to be plugged in, So that means I don't have a keyboard to hold down the shift key.

- It is at this point that I hate myself for not having my personal windows computer hooked up to the internet, as that is the only other computer that has Adobe Photoshop.

I go thru all this to post a blog, you should see what I've had to go thru to get some work done.

Any hooo... on the 9th I'll be driving to San Diego to pick up a keyboard and mouse for the Mac that will hopefully work from the USB hub - I don't know what I'll do if it doesn't. Other than go crazy.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Review Knitting goals.

So I started this blog on Jan. 27, 08 with some knitting goals "This year I want to finish at least 2 sweaters by hand and learn to Machine Knit."

Well I didn't accomplish that - but what I did learn in the process of reaching that goal was a lot of stuff about yarn, I had no clue I needed to know. I comes in all shapes and sizes.

I also learned and practiced how to increase and decrease, I had some practice swatches that I can't find right now.

I also pulled out the knitting Machines and started working on them. I made a skirt.

I also learned what the stitch dial and the tension dial on the knitting machines are for. My daughter and I knit lots, and lots of scarves playing with yarn of different sizes, setting the stitch dial at different numbers, trying to find the perfect number for the tension dial.

We ended up with some nice scarves, that we went and dropped off at a local Assisted living home. We took cookies, sang two songs, Stephanie doesn't think she knows how to sing, so therefore she doesn't like to sing. We talked to a couple of the ladies there, they were very willing to talk. Well there were a few that couldn't hear, and a few that didnt' want to talk so those conversations were short. But very sweat none the less.

I have also learned from reading a lot of knit lists, why knitters combine there craft with service. It is very rewarding.

So I didn't knit my two sweaters for the year, I only have 13 days till the end of the year, I dought very very much that I will be planning and knitting two sweaters in 13 days, so that goal will have to get moved to next year.

Monday, December 15, 2008

VFW Post 3699 - Christmas Party

I had to work a lot harder to get this one to come together. As well as a lot of other people. Mary Ryser is our Auxiliary President she and Lena spent lots of hours talking to companies to get food, and raffle prize donations. Then there were calls to Radio stations, and TV News crews, to try to get the word out.

We were able to honor our local area Veterans, there were a few from each war and conflict from WWII until today.

My husband introduced the District 2nd place winner of the Voice of Democracy Essay. My daughter was able to read her Essay which was the Local post 1st place (tie) winner. This contest incourages our youth to think deep and write about our Veterans, and what that means to them. They could potential win over $30,000 in College Scholarships, given by the National VFW.

There was plenty of food, lots of good Christmas music, Plenty of raffle prizes, and Santa!

I feel like I could sleep all day today.

Santa gives up his chair to the big boy!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Knitting if you can call it that.

Stephanie had to knit 10 scarves in order for the Community Service Group to reach there goal. She set up the machine, and started knitting, at scarf 5 she must have been tired because she knit her iPod earphone string.

and then on scarf 7 she knit the string that goes to her hoodie.

I was laughing so hard, she didn't learn the first time. Oh and I didn't take a picture but at one point the yarn mast had her hair. My child the procrastinator - she has learned from the best I guess!

Here are some picture's I just had to post, My nephew Keegan is such a cutie!!!

"I sing with my guitar"

Where's my Tree????

My daughter has a passion for Christmas, she loves decorating, and going to see lights, absolutely loves the Christmas baking. I on the other hand don't really look forward to it, I enjoy it, I paticipate in it, but I like the quite reflection type situations more.

So every year since she could talk - we have purchase our Tree on Thanksgiving weekend, because that's when the Tree lots open. If they opened sooner she would ask for it sooner.

Life seems to be a bit busier this year, and Thanksgiving weekend came and it went, and there was no tree, or mention of it, on my part. There was plenty of mention of the Tree on her part, which I ignored, Since it's at least a two hour ordeal. She has to look at all of them way more than once. Previous years, she would have me go to different lots.

But last year we found a lot on Washington Blvd. that is a family that drove all the way from Oregon to bring there tree's, It's a family business, they have the biggest most beautiful tree's - we always have to get there smallest tree, which bearly fits in the house. They are a bit on the expensive side but I didn't feel ripped off like I usually do. So when I drove by the lot mid Nov, and noticed the same 5th wheel I was greatful that I wouldn't be driving around in circles this year. Even with that knowledge for some unknown reason I still procrastinated it, not sure why. In my defense I really have been busy.

So we picked up the Tree Friday night, She pulls out her boxes, and lays everything out, pickes a color, as she has many sets, blue, with blue lights, gold with multi-colored lights, red with red lights, Well for some reason she decided to put them all up. But I think the tree is to big, or we need more ornaments, we only have keepsake ornaments, or handmade ornaments, maybe I should go get some generic one's - not sure about that yet, as all the one's we have - you can pick up and say something about them. There are at least 8 with pictures of Stephanie, of all different ages.

She then puts in the Movie The Grinch who stole Christmas - Jim Carrey and she goes to town. I make her hot chocolate and stay out of her way. She has literally been doing this since she was at least 5. With less and less help progressively as neither, Randy, Michael nor I know what we are doing.

Well the tree is up, now for the outside lights, - Oh my!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Was going to be Santa Rosa RS Christmas Party Post...

But as I was editing the pictures (I always have to edit my pictures - My daughter and Sister get mad at me - they yell "use the zoom to get in there") I came across this picture of myself and my daughter:

and this one of my self with my husband in the background:

and realized - "I'm awake!" Since my husband retired on Sept 7th, 2001 from the US Navy after 22 years of Active duty Our family has been going thru hell - it was literally hell. Just sitting here remembering any small portion of the last 7 years, I can't stop sobbing. There are no picture of me during that period the few that were taken I deleted, because you could just see the tourcher and torment in my eyes.

I am so greatfull to be on the other side of all of that. We are still not any where near being back to normal but everything is Well - I love the Hymn "Come Come Ye Saints" All is Well!!

Now back to the Santa Rosa Ward Christmas Part - It was Great!!!!! This has been the easiest calling I've ever had, With Sister Caress knowing what she wants, and Sister Ginther being able to expand on it, the only thing I do is make sign up sheet, a few reminder phone calls, and stand up and conduct the activity.

There was wonderful food, Lots of people came I had to quickly set up another table, and wonderful singing, My little Sister Monica gave a wonderful Spiritual thought. There is only pictures of the singing, because as I found out after editing the pictures the photographer was busy taking pictures of herself in the bathroom, Still a teenager I guess:

We asked everyone to bring a baby blanket that will then be donated to our local hospital JFK Memorial Hospital to the Maternity and Pediatrics ward to be given to the babies that don't have much when they go home, especially the babies going into Foster Care.

We received exactly 100 blackets, 2 baby towels, a box of washcloths, and a pack of baby socks!!!

There were some wonderful Handmade blankets, I love the stitch pattern on the green one it's like a faux cable of sorts.

and like me the rest of us bought some blankets:

The Young Women will delive there Santa Bag to the hospital soon, I hope they take a picture then I can update it here.

As my little sister said if we keep a Christ centered Christmas and not give in to the presure of commercialism - we can truly catch the true meaning of Christmas. She read the poem "The White Stocking" So we set up a tree and put white boots with the poem inside for everyone to take:

There wasn't a Stocking at this wonderful Store "Flashbacks" in Del Mar - that allows you to use there die cut machine when you buy the paper there. (2673 Via De La Valle, Del Mar, CA 92014 - 858-481-8878 my old stomping grounds) So I chose to use a boot, in Mexico the children put out there boots instead of hanging socks, and the star well it was perfect as a reminder of the Star of David!

It was all so wonderful!!! Thank you all!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jinxed Quinceanera Dress & Party

My Cousin called me a week and an half ago and said that they had to move the party up from the 29th of Nov to the 22nd of November, and wanted to know if the dress would be finished in time, I said yes, but she will be trying it on for the first time a couple of hours before she needs to wear it, so we will have to relly on the measurements taken as there won't be enough time to alter it. It fit Great - I love Garment Designer, you can get the pattern fit correct the first time around!.

My Cousin Patricia (Lohami's Mom) and Randy (My husband)

I finished the dress in the nick of time. Actually I finished it late, My Mom came home from work on Friday at around 4 PM, and said "Are you ready to go", I said "No, I'm not done we'll have to leave in the morning". I was still working on the large bow that goes on the side of the dress.

So we get in the car Saturday at 7 AM getting ready to go, and my Mom says "Every one has there passports, Right?" and I say "No, you didn't give me mine back to put away from the last trip to Mexico" "yes I did" "No you didn't" "yes, I did". Well that went on for about an hour while she looked in her hiding places and I looked in mine. Then she says mad as can be for being wrong "I've got it lets go!"

From left to Right: Stephanie (my daughter), Christina (My cousin who traveled 2 days on a bus to come from southern MX) Florencia (My Mom), and Lohami (My Cousin Patricia's daughter)

So now we are late again. I drive 80 in a 55 for about 100 miles. I was so thankfull I didn't get a ticket, even though we did see a few patrol cars.

We get there and my cousin went and borrowed a hoop skirt instead of doing what she said she was going to do to the one I measured. Well it didn't work the hoop skirt she borrowed was much smaller, so the skirt looked funny as it had nothing stable enough to support it. We said oh well and put 3 tule skirt under it.

Florencia (my Mom) and Lohami:

The dress fit, other than the skirt problem, so I marked the hem and hemed it. We left her there with her dress as they were doing her hair, so they could all finish getting ready.

We went and did other things we needed to do. And then met them at the church. My cousins daughter walks up to me and says "Do you have the bow?" "No honey, I left it on your bed after you tried on the dress." and she says "I'm sorry, I looked everywhere and couldn't find it." in a very sorry tone probably waiting for me to get upset. At this point it's to late, they were late in arriving and everyone was waiting in the church. "No worries lets get in the church and do this." was the only thing I could say.

It turned out Great in the end!!


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