Saturday, November 28, 2009

Printsource has a Blog!!!

I have come to the conclusion that my life will always be crazy. If I don't stop waiting until I have more time to do stuff then I'm never going to get stuff done. So today I'm going to follow the advise that my Dove chocolate gave me

"Bring your life to life: stop planning, start doing."

So I'm not planning this post - I'm just posting!

Printsource has a Blog!! I can't believe it I love this company they put out some of the greatest fabric and then are great for inspiration.

I don't know who does there illustrations and Photographs but I love them, makes me want to take a drawing class.

I hope you guys enjoy there Blog as much as I have.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shoulder Bags

In my crazy life I have managed to find a few hours here and a few hours there. One day I cut fabric, another day I do some sewing, and then I finish up the sewing, And then in order to post them on Etsy for sale I have to photograph the bags.

So all in all it has taken me 3 months to make the three bags below. So needless to say having an etsy shop is not for the person with a crazy life such as mine - If it's not one thing it's another. The last two months it's been illness first my husband in the hospital and then my mom with a herniated disk - she can't walk in order to care for herself.

But at least now we are all back under one roof so I don't have to drive back and forth and try to take care of two sick people in two different houses. That has given me some time back. So I was finally able to finish the process.



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