Friday, January 30, 2009

fabrication defects - suck!

I was so happy this morning I had finally finished a purse I had been working on - on and off for a couple of months now. I finally got it perfect. I found the correct beads a week ago and I found stephanie's jewlery pliers this morning. She put the handle on for me.

So I put my cell phone and business card holder (which is my purse) in it, and it pops open - and I close it - and it pops open. I look at it a bit closer and the idot that designed this bag doesn't have any kind of degree much less common sense.

The circle that attaches the buckle to the paper mache box is in the way of the buckle.

So now all it's good for is decoration. So much for being able to add another item to our etsy store.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stephanie has an acceptance letter to CAL State Maritime

This weekend has been full of emotions. On Saturday I was driving to a VFW meeting when my cell phone rang, I answered it knowing it was my daughter. All I could hear was screaming. This was the school she wanted into - she applied to two others because we didn't think that her grades and SAT scores were good enough to get into CAL Maritime.

Well she did - I at this point have no clue how I'm going to pay for it - but we'll deal with that on deadline to deadline bases.

I am excited and very proud - 2 years ago this didn't even seem possible as she just wasn't focused. I'm glad she was able to turn things around and is now college bound.

Congratulations Stephanie!!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

My niece Alexis Grace!

My little sister had her baby girl on Friday at 4:50 PM - Alexis Grace - weighed 7 lbs 3.5 oz and was 20 inches long. I was lucky enough to be asked to be the photographer for her first baby - the adorable Keegan - here he is kissing his sister:

So this time it was just a given that I would be the photographer again, the layout of the delivery room was better the first time - I could take picture's and not show my sister all exposed this time - the layout was not so great plus the nurse was at least 6 foot 5 and the bed was up so high, oh well there were a few pics.

I love this one - it was a high five - for a speed delivery process - we drove her to the hospital at 9:30 AM and by 2 or so the time of this picture she was at a 5 and ready for the epidural.

With Keegan we got there one morning - were there the whole night and she had him the next day at noon.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Like mother Like daughter. . .

I don't generally look into Stephanie's room as I walk by it because you generally can't see in over the clutter and mounds of stuff - it just makes my head hurt.

But I did one day and caught a glimps of myself, a desk a chair 2 computers and one person going back and forth between the two computers.

It's crazy the world doesn't really need another me!

Oh well as long as she learns from my mistakes and only chooses to follow the good things - we'll be ok. But I'm not really sure that being computer dependent is a good thing - like for example you should see both of our handwriting - it's horrible. She hasn't turned in a handwritten assignment since the 3rd grade. Isn't that when you start to write cursive? Maybe that's why she still prints.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Santa Rosa Sewing Group

I just realized I forgot to take pictures. Monica that's your job from now on!

We had a great time. Monica made a pink nursing cover with a cool 70's retro flower print on it. Erica made one for her sister out of a cute boy print from the 'cars' movie. Laura borrowed some fabric (she forgot her fabric at home, now she can make two) from Erica it was a really cute doggie print, with some brown in it, so the back piece was brown flannel, and she stitched it with gold thread which matched perfect because there were some yellow elements to the doggie print. Terri had done two at home with her girls, nice blue print material. So she brought one of her other pending projects with her.

We had a great time, lots of girl talk - and with the project being nursing covers, it naturally went in that direction. I never nursed I couldn't it takes way to much time and dedication, I had to work, not that that's an excuse I know some mom's that work and pump. I think it was all the time and dedication that I had a problem with.

Kuddo's to all you breast feeding Mom's!!!

Oh I did realize that 5 women is the max in the Relief Society room, any more and we wouldn't have fit. If you plan on coming on Tuesday - or Next month please tell me so I can set up in a bigger room.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Waiting for the new baby!

My little sister is due Feb 4th or something like that. We had her baby shower on the 10th.

Lots of cool people:

a few cool games:

Lots of nice gifts:

And now she's just sitting around saying "I'm all ready"

So I go to bed with my cell phone fully charged, and make sure I take the phone with me when I walk the dog every morning.

So we are all just sitting around (well not really) waiting for a new baby!

PS. I haven't even started on my knit skirt - which is supposed to be my one garment for my KAL - one garment a month. I do technically have 2 weeks left. Maybe it will get done.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Garment Designer size's

Hi Lola,

Garment Designer comes with all Standard sizes already built in:

And you can create your own Custom measurements.

For Children it has:



and Children's

In Garment Designer a Sloper is the green silhoutte that is created when you enter your body measurements - this is an exact replica of your body measurements. The black silhouette is the pattern that you are drafting, Susan put the sloper inside the pattern so that you can see where the pattern is going to land in reference to your body. It makes the guess work a whole lot easier when you are drafting custom designs.

Hope this helps.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm Normal. . .

Well actually I don't think I'll ever be normal. But I'm myself. My head is out of the clouds, that Dayquil, Nyquil stuff really is a potent drug.

And Garment Designer version 2.5 for Windows is done (Mac version still to come) - and after a week of clicking on everything I can imagen - I haven't found anything wrong with it - I couldn't say that the last 5 times I went to test it. Hurray - Hurray - It now has a USB Key security that unless the customers computer is possed by gremlins - they can install and uninstall - and move to another computer, and upgrade and anything else they can think of doing with it - ALL on THERE own!!!

I'm still waiting for the just kiding part of all of this it really does seem to good to be true. Customers might actually call and not be ready to spit out vulgerities at me (some didn't hold back).

AND, AND get this Susan is almost done writing a Garment Designer Lesson book, WE HAVE NEW PRODUCT!!!!!!!!! I hope I didn't just jinx that.

I'm so excited - 2009 has started out with a bang!!!!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years

I was not sick not one day in all of 2008, until yesterday. My head hursts, my nose is stuffed, my tonsiles are swollen, my ears hurt and are ringing, and my nose keeps leaking.

Even then My mom, my self and Stephanie spent the whole day cleaning. My mom believes that everything needs to be clean to ring in the new year. My office hasn't been so uncluttered for months now. I found and organized all me half done projects, I took out the trash from under the sewing table probably for the first time all year, I saw some really old scraps of fabric. The stuff on top of the shreader got shreaded.

And now here I sit trying to figure out where I should start. The sewing stuff, the knitting stuff, the purse stuff, I don't want to pull anything out, then I won't have a floor again. Oh well I guess I'll just sit here and enjoy.

I'm not one to make New Year's Resolutions, but I have always made goals, I don't usually make my goals on New Year's because of the whole fan fair they may not have been thought out correctly.

But today I do want to make a resolution - to join the Ravelry - Machine Knitting groups - KAL 2009 a Garment a month. I really think this will help me with my knitting. I went to storage and pulled out 2 very large plastic containers full of yarn, there's some really nice one's in there, I think I'll pull them all out tomorrow (clutter my floor) and sit and stair with a pencil and paper and see what they want to become.

I also do this with fabric, I used to work at a fabric store and it wasn't the best job for me as I spent all my time sketching, and all my money buying.

As sick as I was - I was still awake at midnight. My mom took a nap.

And Randy, Stephanie, Josh (my little sis Monica's hubby whom she left behind to go visit her friend in AZ - Mom yelled all night about that) and I played StarWar's Monopoly. Josh won he ended up with all the properties - except for Randy's Railroads and Utilities. It was fun.


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