Friday, August 29, 2008

Cool site survey.

I hate our mall, so when I have to buy clothes, I first go to the internet. I used to receive Spiegel catalogues a long while back, so I went to there site to see what was new. I always liked there look.

On the homepage I found a link to a quiz.

I clicked on it to see what would happen and after about 15 or so multiple choice questions it gave me a summary of my style preferences.

So my style is Understated Elegance. I find this very funny since most days I wake up put on something comfortable to walk the dog, and then walk into my office where I sit in front of computers till 4 pm or so - then I turn around and sit in front of sewing machines till around 8 pm or so. I can understand the Understated, but the Elegance - I don't think they know that 90% of the time I'm wearing cut off blue jeans or cut of sweat pants and t-shirts.

Then in the summary it gives you a link to items on there site that fit your Style! It was cool - it did show me things that I would like, but the affordability not so much.

Yet, it was still an interesting concept within a website.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I knit a garment!

I finally knit my first garment. I received the sponge bar for the LK-150 in the mail and replaced it. It no longer felt like I was pushing 50 pound bricks. It was great. So I cast on my 126 stitches, and proceeded to do my 150 rows. And then on row 97 all my stitches come of the needles as I'm pulling the carriage back. I tried my hardest to get them back on the needles with the little hook thing, but I just couldn't. So I took the knitting off the machine, and wondered what I was going to do. Here is a picture of my kitty helping me block my first piece - I wasn't sure I could use.

After a day (actually it came to me at night) I realized I could knit 4 pieces the same size and the sew them together two pieces will make a front, and two pieces will make a back, then sew the side seams and I have a skirt.

And that is exactly what I did and you can't even tell the my skirt is made of 4 pieces. Now I have to go shopping for a nice top to go with it.

Oh in case you were wondering - While on the KMaholics knit list I found out why my knitting came off the machine, I pulled the carriage to far past the last knitting needle, that creates slack and then - guess what - Your stitches fall off.

Somebody should really write a Knitting Handbook for dummies! with all this kind of information in it!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Website

My brain is an intersting thing, It goes 24/7. I have a notebook and pencil by the side of my bed so I can write down insperations in the middle of the night. I have so many little pieces of paper with product idea's on them, I could fill a shed with them. Oh wait - the shed is already busting at the seams with notebooks.

A year ago when my little sister told me she was moving to the area, I got so excited. Finally someone that knows I'm crazy that I can bounce idea's off of. So I waited till she got settled, then we had a little meeting, and I talked and I talked - pulled out my little pieces of paper - and talked some more.

She was able to help me bring some idea's together - and a partnership was born! So I will start with a few products, PDF patters - the first one was inspired by her and her baby - a Nursing cover. Then I've been sewing some bags for a while and now I plan to bring them together into a collection. Then the one thing that I've been doing since I graduated from school, Modest Bridal gowns and Eveningwear. But because starting and producing a line of Wedding gowns has been dificult. I decided to see if there is a market for purchased wedding gows that I will rework and make them modest. I'm hoping that way most of the work is done and I can do a lot more of them. There were many more idea's in my head but those are the one's we chose to start with.

Company Name: Modest Eve


Our first product: Nursing Cover

and We plan to sell on a really cool site called Etsy.

Feel free to post any suggestions or comments. Or even product idea's you may want, it's all a work in progress.

Thank you

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Great Birthday

I had a great Birthday yesterday. For the past couple of years I've just been ignoring it, because it's usually just my husband and I. Michael has been in the Army for a while, and Stephanie has always had Girls camp that week. So my husband just buy's me a gift, I usually pick it out myself. Well that part didn't change - I picked out my own gift, a new Video Camara. My daughter broke my old one a year or so ago. So I had been without.

Then we got to celebrate my nephew's birthday party on my birthday. That was the great part. My little sister and I have always been close, so I'm greatful that my nephew and I can be close.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Finally August

This summer has gone by so slow. It doesn't help that it's 100 plus outside, so we're all stuck inside. Is there such thing as Summer cabin fever, because I'm so there.

My family is away this weekend - so I decided I was going to knit myself something. I had been playing with the LK 150 and knit a few swatches. One of the yarns was really nice. So all last week I was trying to decide if I should knit a T-shirt style top, or a skirt.

I decided on the skirt. I went into Garment Designer brougt up my sloper and figured if I can knit a swatch I can knit a rectangle and add some elastic.

I entered my gauge from my test swatch and printed out the pattern, that is what I call Way easy.

So I went to the machine, I casted on, and started knitting - it kept getting stuck. I didn't get stuck when I did the swatch but know that I had 126 stitches on there it felt like I was pushing 50 pounds of bricks across the needle bed.

So it's seem to be the Machine Knitters Moto "Did you check the sponge bar?" So I check the sponge bar, and it looks like if I remove it it's going to fall apart. So I went online and did a search and I should have one in the mail soon. So no knitting for now. I guess I'll have to sew something.


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