Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July 2010

What a year! Nothing about the past 6 months has felt 'normal'. The year is half over and I still can't seem to recover from Christmas.

I hadn't thought that turning 40 was going to be any different than turning 30 or 35 or 39, but I find myself analyzing things I never did - like retirement, It had never been more than the thought 'I hope my husband doesn't die before I do' and now it's like a really big thing! Like I need to find a job with benefits and a retirement plan because I will bearly have 20 years to put in before I turn 60. Well getting a 'real' job with benefits isn't in the plan - I would probably die with all the structure and supervision and in an office with other people, done it before never lasted more than a year.

So my retirement plan is going to have to be as unique as I am! I'm sure I'll figure it out, hopefully before my head explodes.

I had wanted to go to DisneyWorld for my 40th Birthday, But that is not going to happen. 'The Family' decided we are going to Hawaii. I really need to learn to make more concrete plans so that I am not so easily swayed. Actually it wasn't so easy for my brother to get me to agree to go to Hawaii, but off I go for the benefit of the 'Family'. I'm sure I'll have a great time! I am going to spend at least one whole day wondering around a 'National Park', I would like to visit all the 'National Parks' in the United States before I die. That is the only thing on my 'Bucket List'.

If you will be in Hawaii, We'll be easy to spot - we'll be the RedNecks in denim shorts - and yes I am wearing running shoes and there is a pencil in my bun. I'm always ready to run and work - I can't drop those habits.

I hope you all have a Wonderful 4th of July!!!

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