Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sewn Bolero Jacket

As always, my customer came and picked up her outfit and I forgot to take a picture of it. I guess the fact that I started a blog to document my projects didn't really light a fire under my behind to "make sure I take a picture".

Any who... It wasn't a big deal, she brought in a strapless prom dress that she wanted me to add sleeves to and then create a bolero jacket to go with it. The bottom of the dress was all tule so she wanted big tule on the collar and sleeves.

So I took her measurements and went to Garment Designer and there brought up a sloper that was really close to her measurements, and drafted the bolero pattern pieces.

I made a Muslin, she came in and tried it on, and the sleeve wasn't big enough yet. So in order to get some inner width to the pattern I slashed and spread it by hand. That was the only pattern adjusted that was needed.

So I put it together, with some tule that came from the dress after we shortened it. The customer loved it. And I did something I had never done, I didn't point out to the customer what I thought was wrong with it, or how it could be better. I stood back and let her talk.

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