Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cochenille Design Retreat - Registration

So On Thursday the 18th, I'm up at 3:00 AM and back to San Diego. (Life would be so much easier if we could afford to live there).

We had our Garment Designer workshop on Thursday. It went well, everyone enjoyed themselves. I hope! I was on Auto Pilot for Thursday and Friday.

I do recall getting to meet our guest teacher Jenny Dowde and her friend Sue, from Australia. I arrived at Susan's at 7AM. Everyone was still sleeping when I ran the door bell. So I woke them up. Up Up, time to get working. Susan and I started working we still had stuff to get ready and organized. I was up the stairs, down the stairs, in the garage making copies. Then I walk in to the kitchen for something, and there they are sitting outside at the table having moring tea. I felt like a dork, I didn't know which was which. I knew there names but I hadn't gone looking for picture's on the internet of Jenny. Which would have been better preparation, that way I would have known who she was.

Or I could just stop being a Red Neck, and learn how to introduce myself. I reach out my hand and tell them my name and then they reach out there hand and tell me there name. Dah!

Friday was also a blur. I got everyone registered. Got there handouts, and there supplies. Jenny did a Powerpoint presentation I do recall seeing so really cool paintings, from her early Painting years. Then off I go to get lunch. Got everything set up and passed out. Then I sat behind my table and turned into a zombie, during Susan's Italy Trends Report, and her Creative Exercise afternoon class.

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