Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bowers Museum - Terra Cotta Warriors

Stephanie and I had the chance to go on a field trip with Dehesa Charter School - the school she is home schooled through. We went to the Bowers Museum ( where they are currently hosting the exhibition Terra Cotta Warriors: Gauardians of China's First Emperor - it will only show at 3 museums in the United States.

I dought that I will ever make it to China so the prospects of seeing a few of the Terra Cotta Warriors was very exciting to me. Stephanie on the other hand only gets excited at the mention of "a once in a lifetime opportunity", and this was exactly that. She may in her life to visit China she wants to be a traveler. I'm a really bad traveler, so China feels to be exactly what it is - the other side of the world.

It was the first time that I had ever expericienced a self guided tour with head phones and prerecorded information. I liked it, you can take your time, and look and not be constrained to a group. The down side was that the person speaking to you is not readaly available. There were plenty of Museum workers around, and if I had a question I'm sure they would have been able to answer it. I feel it's just different with a live person you get there personal feelings, and excitement coming thru in how they speak and the side notes that might come to them.

All in all I was very glad we went. Now I want to go back. They are also currently showing an exhibit on Quilts. "American Quilts, 200 years of Tradition"

And starting on Nov 15, 2008 there will be one called "Masters of Adornment: The Miao People of China"

I only work until Noon on Fridays, I think I found my Friday escapes.

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