Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Here is what I was sewing while I was waiting for a sponge bar. I just put the elastic on it Yesterday. I guess knitters aren't the only crafts people with UFO. I always seem to print a pattern, cut the fabric and then set it aside. Then I'll pick it up sew it, and then set it aside with one unfished detail, in this case it was sewing the elastic. I'm not sure why that happens, I guess it's just part of the design process.

The pattern is one from Susan Lazear's - Easy 7 Skirts collection, That she is in the middle of putting together. I get to make sure the pattern works for "large women". ie.. Me. I don't wear a lot of the stuff I sew for my self. I'm way to critical, and it's really hard to fit yourself. But I think I would wear this.

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