Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cochenille Design Retreat - Jenny Dowde Workshop

Sunday the 21st. It was Jenny's day for her all day workshop. "On the surface: Embellish it..." Oh boy did they Embellish.

Jenny Dowde has a book out called 'Surface Works' the ladies got to see the author demostrate a wide variety of these technique's step by step. All free-form, go with the flow, a bead here a bead there, a bead tassle here and there, a small bead, big bead, a bugle bead. It was great.

Then she showed them what they could do with emboidery floss, fancy yarns, cording, and anything else you can get thru the eye of a needle. And off they went back to there work area and created.

And then came the fancy tools, Felting brush and needles. Oh the colors, shapes, and images they created. It was wonderful.

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