Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Off go the Aussies & Student Work from Jenny Dowde's Workshop

Here is the Student work from Sunday's Embelish workshop:

Monday morning (Sept 22) it was the first day in about a year that I wasn't awake at 6 AM. I opened my eyes, and was amazed it was 8 AM. The only task to accomplish for the day was to get my new Aussie friends to there hotel in San Diego.

You would think that would be an easy uneventful day. It wasn't. Susan had research a Japaneese book store in Kearny Mesa they wanted to stop by. Well I must have been brain dead because I left the house without writing either the name of the place or the address, I looked at the map Susan brought up on a Yahoo search. I recognized the area so I didn't think I needed more direction. Well we drove in circles and never found it.

There hotel was on Hotel Circle North. So I figure we would get on the 8 freeway and drive it until we saw the hotel from the freeway then we wouldn't have to drive the entire stretch of hotel circle. We never saw the hotel. So I was driving them in circles again. I think Sue was sea sick by this time. I come back on the 8 get off at hotel circle and the exit ramp runs us straight into there hotel.

So much for thinking. Next time I just won't think and just do it.

Back to work!

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