Friday, August 29, 2008

Cool site survey.

I hate our mall, so when I have to buy clothes, I first go to the internet. I used to receive Spiegel catalogues a long while back, so I went to there site to see what was new. I always liked there look.

On the homepage I found a link to a quiz.

I clicked on it to see what would happen and after about 15 or so multiple choice questions it gave me a summary of my style preferences.

So my style is Understated Elegance. I find this very funny since most days I wake up put on something comfortable to walk the dog, and then walk into my office where I sit in front of computers till 4 pm or so - then I turn around and sit in front of sewing machines till around 8 pm or so. I can understand the Understated, but the Elegance - I don't think they know that 90% of the time I'm wearing cut off blue jeans or cut of sweat pants and t-shirts.

Then in the summary it gives you a link to items on there site that fit your Style! It was cool - it did show me things that I would like, but the affordability not so much.

Yet, it was still an interesting concept within a website.

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