Thursday, May 3, 2018

Web Creation Reflection

I've been on one heck of a roller coaster, not sure if it is resistance or menopause, either way not fun. I was excited for the class on web creation, I am ready to have a site with product and payment integration. So when I realized the amount of time I would need to spend on discussion boards I was taken back and ready to quit.

I've never been good at slow and steady which makes a lot of sense as to why I haven't followed through on many things. I didn't quit, and my perfectionist self will figure out what is required of me to get an A and strive for it. If I end up with something less then I'm ok, knowing I did what I could. If I say that a couple of times maybe I'll believe it. I have 110 credits and a 3.9 GPA, I'm still trying to find an honors course that will help me get that .1 back. Yes, I have issues, but I'm sure we all do :)

It's all about the learning and I have learned a few things in these two weeks. I learned I'm more stubborn than I thought! I realized that people actually sit around and say "I want to start a business, what should it be?" and there are websites out there that can help you figure it out. Every business I've ever started has come about because I saw a need that I could fill and thought "I could do that." Every small business owner that I have ever worked for have had the same experience.

In this new digital global economy everything is different. It is interesting to do the research to start a business without a business idea or passion driving you toward an entrepreneurial goal.

With that being said, I also found that the Keyword planner tool in the Adwords google software is a great tool. I had no clue and here I was paying money to people to help me come up with keywords to use in etsy in order to come up on search results. What an ingenious backdoor to an advertising tool.

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