Thursday, May 10, 2018

Business learning

There was a lot in this weeks lesson materials that I wish not to forget. The most important is James Ritchie's formula for success. I enjoyed the video but was able to get more out of the book. The book the ministry of business by Steven A. Hitz with James W. Ritchie is worth the $5 I spent on it just for that one chapter, but the rest has been really good as well.

As we read about the topic of virtue and read several articles they all came down to one thing integrity. I believe the quote to sum it all up in a business setting would be from Sheri Dew's article True Blue Through and Through. "true leaders embody certain virtues, with the key virtue being integrity, because a man or women who can't be trusted can't really lead."

As I look at the managers in the many work places I've worked at, there were a few true leaders. In thinking back I didn't really know then why I didn't feel right about them and I now realize I didn't trust them. Because of one thing or another that they had done, I didn't trust them to make the right decisions for everyone involved not just themselves.

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