Friday, May 18, 2018

Personal Constitution

At the beginning of the Chapter on Personal Constitution in the ministry of business book there is a quote by Thomas S. Monson "Vision without effort is daydreaming; effort without vision is drudgery; but vision coupled with effort, will obtain the prize."
I want to be a visionary women. As I worked on the deconstructing my fears assignment along side the Personal Constitution step by step laid out in Chapter 7 of the book, I came to many realizations.
Fist of all the last sentence on page 131 "it's never too late to begin developing one." referring to the Personal Constitution.
Then the realization that I needed more time. I had set aside 2 hours for each assignment but I spent 6 hours going back and forth between the two. They seemed to feed off each other. When you ask yourself life changing questions you receive life changing answers.
I was glad to know that this is an ongoing and growing type of endeavor. "Putting together my Personal Constitution took over four months of writing, pondering, praying, and re-writing. I've since learned that my Personal Constitution is most meaningful when I allow it to become dynamic, capable of growing and evolving according to the changes of life. So I continue to work on it, alter it, and expand it."
I will take Steve Hitz advise and not worry about perfection at this moment.

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