Saturday, September 24, 2011

Super Saturday Crafts

I've always loved the Super Saturday Relief Society meetings. I was put in charge of the sewing project. We sewed Travel pillow cases (without the straps) to donate to the local hospital.

We loved the idea of the service project from this blog post:

And combined it with the pillow case with a pocket from this blog post:

We made a few:

And there were other talented people heading up other wonderful crafts, I love this Tule Wreath:

You can find some directions on this blog: Baby Rabies

And I've got these Yarn Wrapped Letters on my To Do list:

I love how they did them on this blog post: Let Birds Fly

But the most ingenious craft there was a Daily Journal in a basket. The simplest thing on the planet, that I would have never thought of. Make small cards for every day of the year, and each day you write one sentence of what you did, or inspired or you just want to remember!

There are some simply how to's on this blog: Daily Craft Project

And the best idea of the year goes to the person that set up a Trail mix bar, so that the ladies can munch while doing their crafts.

Doesn't that just look so yummy!


coronaryrn said...

Doing projects like this is such an awesome way to give back! I am hopping through on Saturday evening! If you haven't yet, Please Follow back Parga's Junkyard Blogand on facebook as well as on my new networking site Like it Ladder Thanks!

CK said...

Oh! This looks like such a fun day! What well planned activities! I love it!


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