Friday, September 16, 2011

Our booth is looking better...

This past Saturday was the 3rd time that we have set up a vendor booth at the COD Street Fair. We have been trying to perfect a booth, so we have been going during the off season, the booths are cheaper. It has given us great practice.

The first time we went one of the ladies from another booth said "You really need banners and signs." So the second time we went, we had a banner and some signs. Still need to work on getting better signs.

The second time we went one guy that was there selling T-shirts said "put a table going along the front of your booth showing your best stuff, so they can see it without having to walk into your booth."

We felt really good about the progress we have made. Randy made a counter high display table for Stephanie's Jewelry, and we set that along the front. That meant I could put my Bags & Patterns on one table and some of Randy's Trains on the other table we own. (we need more tables).

We had 5 sales, which was good considering there were hardly any people, and the vendors on each side of us, didn't get any sales. I felt bad for guys.

We have a long way to go, So we'll keep practicing!


Jennifer said...

Congrats on your sales! I've never participated in any craft fairs and wouldn't have a clue how to. I guess it's a learning process though. The more you do them, the better your booth will get.

Sonia Barton said...

Thank you, It was intimidating at first doing our own personal stuff. I've done craft shows for my day job, but it's different with your own stuff :)

CK said...

That house is so big and beautiful you would think that would be a sign good enough!!!!


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