Monday, September 5, 2011

Change to my Shoulder Bag pattern

I keep trying to figure out how I can produce items for Our Etsy shop faster. So I removed the gathers from my shoulder bag pattern.

 It sewed up so quickly I was amazed. And even though the main center piece stayed the same size. The bag looks lots bigger.

I'm hoping to get my Etsy shop stocked up with a few bags because I've sent this bag away for a review and giveaway and the giveaway is a Certificate to the shop. I'll post a link to the Giveaway when it's up.

I really want the shop to be stocked so that the winner doesn't feel cheated.

If you own my Not so big, Big Bag (shoulder bag) Pattern and would like the new pattern pieces email me from the Paypal account you used to purchase the bag and I'll send you the new pattern pieces. Then you follow the same sewing directions leaving out the gathering at the yoke and the corners.

Which do you like better the Gathered puffy bag or the New Flat looking bag?

1 comment:

CK said...

yay for the new discovery! Your bags always turn out so good!

Great job, Sonia!


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