Friday, September 30, 2011

Lilia Garcia Castro Art Exhibit

As part of my Modern Art History class, we had a field trip. It was a short field trip since there is an Art Museum right on the College of the Desert campus.

They are open Monday to Thursday from 12:00 to 4 PM, it's free! or by appointment 760-776-7278.

They are currently the exhibit of Lilia Garcia Castro: A Contemporary View of Pre-Columbian Art. Lilia was born in Sonora, Mexico, She immigrated to California as a child with her family, and later graduated from San Diego State University. She then returned to Mexico to study art first at the University of Sonora, and then at the prestigious National School of Art "La Esmeralda" at the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature, from which she graduated in 1982.

We went on the day of the Opening and she was still there walking around. An man that had attended the opening asked her a question about one of her paintings, and that was the ice breaker needed for her to start talking. The man asked the question in Spanish, so she responded in spanish, then when she noticed she had gathered an audience she started interjecting some English, and then when to all English. I found it interesting how great she was at transitioning between the languages without the awkwardness that sometimes happens.

She is a mixed-media artist. She picks up sand and dirt from all over the place, she mentioned that she has shelves of small jars of dirt in her studio, of many different grains and colors. She mixes the sand with her paints and then creates her pieces of art. These pieces have great texture.

Here are a few of her pieces:

There are so many more pieces. If you have a chance it's worth the trip. Now I have to pick 3 or 4 pieces I like and write a paper comparing these works to an art movement that we are currently studying in class. This is going to be my semester of papers! I'm glad I like the subject matter ;)


Juliet Alexander said...

Do you happen to have the names of the pieces you showed in the pictures? They're quite beautiful and I'm interested in purchasing one.

Sonia Barton said...

I do have the titles of each of the works I show. feel free to email me, you can click on my name in the upper right about me box, and that will give you a profile with an email link.


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