Monday, September 26, 2011

Black & White Contact sheets

The assignment for last weeks Black and White photography class was to make Contact sheets from the two rolls of film we had shot, and learned how to develop. For those of you that have been following since last summer when I expressed fear of my summer vacation because of my claustrophobia, well you know I'm claustrophobic. Not a good thing to be when you have to go into a dark room, that really does get pitch black you can't see anything!

I did it, and I wasn't the last one in the dark room! I was very proud of myself. Mind you did practice sitting in my seat with a dummy film with my eyes closed until I was doing it in less than 3 minutes. Then the red lights can come on, and I'm not so bad with those, but when it's pitch black I get in and get it done quick and get out!

I still haven't been able to figure out the correct Aperture to the correct shutter speed, so my first two rolls of film were not all that great. But I did finally figure out the light meter device on the camera, and it takes me about 4 times of setting up the shot to finally get my green light, so I'm excited to develop my next roll of film, I made sure I got the green light every time I went to shoot a picture.

Here are my contact sheets:

I got the chemicals wrong in the 2nd contact sheet. Man this developing stuff is a real science.

Also I promise to go back to sewing, knitting and creating patterns. I'm just a bit over my head, not sure why I thought I could take 10 college units, have a job, and still have a life. I don't remember it being this hard, but then again they keep telling me I wasn't 40 + the first time around.

A word of advice - If you are in school - Stay in school until you are done! It won't get any easier!


PatriciaD said...

So true, if you're in school or EVER intend to finish school STAY there. If I had not finished my bachelor's degree before I quit I would not have it now. I bet it feels good to go back to school though. You go girl. Proud of ya!!

Sonia Barton said...

Thank you Patricia. I really hoped I hadn't stopped, but oh well. Things happen and here we are. I really hope I don't stop this time either, it's really kicking my behind, I'm so tired.

The Southern Fried Bride said...

Saying hi from SITS fall project!


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