Friday, September 23, 2011

My English Composition class...

English, English Composition and any writing in general has always been dificult for me. My first language was Spanish, eventhough I was born in LA, I lived the first 5 years of my life in Mexicali B.C. Mexico. We moved to Indio CA when I was ready to start Kindergarten. The English language did not come easy to me. In High School when I had to write papers for assignments I realized, I still didn't have a good grasp of the language, at least not good enough to write on paper what I truly wanted to say. In acquiring my AA in Fasion Design I was able to get away without taking an English Composition class, and take a creative writing class instead.

In order to receive a BA I must take a couple of English classes. I started with English Composition, I do my best thinking in the mornings so it's a 7 AM class. I truly believe that the people when need come into our lives when we need them. Professor Tapleshay at COD was put in my path for a purpose! This man is awesome. He is outgoing, loud, engenious in how he keeps his students attention. He had explained to me more about writing in a couple of weeks than I had learned in the nearly 15 years I had previously attended school.

Our first assignment was a Perfect Paragraph, Tell me what you think of mine:

*I believe that appearance can influence our attitude. In Charles Swindoll’s Attitude he states “It (attitude) is more important than appearance,”. As a Fashion Designer I have made many types of garments for many different people, and have watched first hand how an article of clothing can affect a person’s attitude. A long while back, when I was first starting my schooling for Fashion Design my little sister asked me to make her a dress for a Winter Ball High School dance. It was my first attempt at creating an article of clothing from someone’s verbal description of what they wanted. I drew an illustration, and she agreed that I had the general idea of what she wanted. At the time I was going to school in San Diego and my little sister lived in Indio. I put the dress in the mail and sent it to her. She never mentioned the dress to me. My brothers tell me that she opened the box put the dress on and broke down into very loud audible sobs. After I graduated from school she came to me and asked if I would make her a wedding dress, to be honest I was surprised. My little sister had seen other dress I had made for other customers and noticed my skills had improved, she wasn’t worried. I was worried; I made a test dress before cutting into the actual fabric. As I put the dress on her and laced up the back corset I could see my little sister straighten up and stand a little taller. A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to make my daughter two prom dresses. The first dress was very colorful, in my husband’s words, “It looked like Walt Disney threw up on her.” As my daughter wore this dress, her very rambunctious nature showed through loud and clear even though she was headed to a more sophisticated even in her life. The second dress she wanted blue, because I wanted her to show her conservative self I bought Dupioni Silk for the dress. I made it tailored and close fitting in the bodice, very Victorian feeling. As she wore this dress her attitude was one of calm and sophistication. Truly one’s appearance can influence one’s attitude.


CK said...

Haha, well I don't know if I am the best editor since I don't have very good English myself. However, it is a very INTERESTING article and I really enjoyed reading about all those different experiences and descriptions. I think that it is well layed out and funny and personable and overall, great!

PatriciaD said...

I hadn't even thought about your first language not being English (in other words hadn't noticed anything) and you're so right about our clothing making a difference. I've noticed that since I don't have a full time job, I don't dress like I once might have and it does effect my attitude. Great post!!

Sonia Barton said...

Thank you Patricia, I'm glad that my deficiency in English isn't noticeable. I'm grateful for spelling check and grammar check ;)


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