Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Black and White Photography class...

One of the three classes that I'm taking this semester is a Black and White Photography class. I didn't really want to take it, I wanted to take the digital Photography classes. The problem was that the one the qualifies for the Degree in Fine Arts is the Black and White Photography class. I do see the benefit of learning how to use and process 35mm film. My only question is that there isn't one camera manufacture out there that still produces a 35mm SLR camera, so what would be the purpose?

The first day was interesting listening to the teacher talk about paper and the size of the film and the plates that are used. He made the comment that he didn't understand Photoshop and thinking of an image in pixels. To me what he was saying didn't make sense, I understand Photoshop and I have never thought of an image as anything other than pixels.

So this first assignment, really opened my eyes as to how a picture is the presence of light and the absence of light. We went into the Dark room and produced 'shadow' prints, from objects that we brought in.

Here are mine:

This class is going to stretch my brain cells, with f stops and shutter speeds and light and no light, and chemicals....I am truly studying a dying art. What are you guys studying, or teaching??

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