Friday, December 31, 2010

Fair well 2010

All in all 2010 was no so bad. It was actually good.

I moved into a large house, with lots of space to spread out all my crafts. It was awesome. The reason I moved was not so awesome, but this year Every cloud has had a silver lining.

Moving Again

I managed to be on an airplane for 5 hours almost 6 - quite and accomplishment for a Claustrophobic person! And went to Hawaii with about half our family. There are tons of post in July about Hawaii.


I also Joined, participated and completed the ProBlogger 31 Day Better Blog Challenge. I learned a lot of stuff about blogging I just had no clue about. I'm still trying to incorporate it all into my blog. Just so much information. Day 31

So much that just a couple days ago I purchased Simple Blogging Less computer time, Better Blogging by Rachel Meeks. From a Review Katie did over at Articles From Addington, to see if I can simplify it all, because extra time I do not have but would so love to turn this blog into the blog that's in my head.

The greatest and most wonderful thing that happened in 2010 is my husband did not attempt suicide not once. It wasn't all peaches, there were more than a few lows of hiding the blades, the meds, the toxins, and all manner of previous attempts. Plus not letting him out of my site not even for 2 seconds while he went pee. Until the low low low was over. But after 5 years of 3 to 4 attempts every year. A whole year of no attempts, ER's, ICU's, Hospitals, then Behavioral Health Centers - No attempts Was the greatest Part of 2010!!!

Also My mom almost made it through the year unscathed. She was doing good recovering her mobility and started walking on the walker. Then a loss of Mobility, but after a short stay in Rehab she came out better than when she went in - I'm telling you nothing but clouds with great big silver linings this year!

Oh 2010 had some bad moments, My daughter didn't go back to college, Work was harder than usual to cope with, I felt trapped in all the day to day responsibility, I'm being sued by a Credit Card company, My Truck was broken for 2 and half months. Yet, none of those were anything I couldn't ignore or surpass by drowning myself in a good Craft project, and I now love the fact that I can share those with you, You had no clue they were coping mechanisms did you???

Last New Year's Eve all I could think was Please of Please God let me survive the coming year! Well I did, and all the better for it! As I've said before New Years Resolutions are not my thing, but Every year I do pick a few short term goals, I haven't finalized those yet. So I'll see you all in the New Year.

Happy New Year's!!!


~SHANNON~ said...

Oh wow! I'd love to hear what you thought of the 31 day problogger challenge. It looked interesting to me- but started at a bad time for me. What did you like? Not like about it?

Barbara said...

Wow, you're amazing. I do hope that 2011 is all that you could wish for. xx

Forty and Trying to be Fab said...

Hi! I'm a new follower via blog hop. Great blog! would love a follow back if you like at

Modista Modesta said...

@Shannon - the Problogger is intense - It has a lot of information, I liked doing the challenge with the large group. But I would consider myself a new blogger since I only used to blog to my family, so it was a lot of information for me to digest.

Modista Modesta said...

@Barbara - Thank you - Happy New Years.

Modista Modesta said...

@Forty and Trying to be Fab - Thank you for the follow you have a cool blog there and a wonderful looking family.

Jenn Erickson said...

Sonia, may the highs of 2011 exceed those of 2010, and the lows be left behind in their wake. I look forward to continuing our friendship and keeping up with you in 2011. Your friend, Jenn

Jennifer said...

I am impressed that you did the 31 day problogger challenge. I really wanted to but just could not. I will one day for sure though! You have a wonderful positive attitude for all the road blocks that seem to have come your way this year. Good for you!

CK said...

Wow, what an amazing, full year! Isn't that interesting that crafts can be such a good and even healthy way to deal with things. I've stayed up a night or two working on a craft do help me cope through my husbands deployment in Afghanistan, for sure.
I am glad your husband did not try and commit suicide. Dealing with that for over five years must be a big challenge but I am happy that you made it through the whole year with progress!
Wishing you an even better, better year in 2011!!!
Awesome trip to Hawaii!!


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