Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mom's set the mood in there home's

I've always known that, and tried to keep aware of my attitude making sure it was one that I would want those around me to catch.

Yesterday I realized I had a mood that everyone around me had caught, When my daughter said 'It doesn't feel like Christmas.'

I had to ponder on that, and figure out why it didn't feel like Christmas, and the culprit was me. Our truck broke down the last week in September, I had someone work on it, they weren't able to fix it, I hauled it of to the dealership, they took an arm and a leg and it worked for 3 days, and then didn't. Had someone else start to work on it, that didn't work, had someone else work on it and he said he did all he could everything was in order in the transmission, hauled it back to the dealership, they took the other arm and leg. And now I cross my fingers and toes and hope and pray that this time it lasts longer than 3 days. So after 2 and a half months and 4 different mechanics, it looks like the truck is fixed.

I say all this because this is what has brought me down for the past couple of months, coming to the point of my low last weekend. So because I allowed myself to be so consumed by this situation, it hasn't felt like Christmas around here.

So what is Christmas for us and why isn't my family feeling it. Well it's not the gifts because even in my stooper I did manage to buy some gifts and put boxes under the tree.

I realized that because I didn't want to keep borrowing cars and asking for rides we did not participate in our regular Christmas functions or do our regular Christmas Service. We have not gotten in a car and gone to go see the Christmas lights, we didn't attend the Prophets Christmas Devotional, We didn't attend the Wonderful Christmas concert that is put on every year, we didn't go to the Ward Christmas Party.

So all in all I have been a Grinch, and my family not realizing it became Grinches with me.

Today, We go find Christmas! Still have 9 days, Merry Christmas Everyone.

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