Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Moving Again

Well It's official - We are moving again. I've had the feeling that we were going to move again, for months now, I just couldn't see what was going to be the right fit. I prayed and thought it out in my mind over and over again. Nothing seemed to be the right answer. My mom came home from the hospital and she was doing good for a while - my brother hired someone to come in during the day while I was working and while my sister was busy with her children.

It seemed to work, there was always someone coming in and out of the house making sure she didn't need anything. Then she started loosing strength again each day it would be a little worse than the day before.

Then on one of those days - when I had driven to my mom's house for the 3rd time that day and Randy was having a bad mental day - I just couldn't see a way out - so that night I really felt I was done I couldn't do it - I couldn't take care of everything that I needed to take care of.

I woke up the next day and drove to my mom's after walking the dog and some serious contemplation. As I pulled into my Mom's drive way - I looked over to the house next door and it had a 'For Rent' sign on it! - All I could do is look up at the sky and say "Thou art funny"

So this past week I found out that GOD has a sense of humor and he knows when we are at our wits end.

So the deposit has been made - the 'For Rent' sign has come down - I have given 30 days notice to the most wonderful landlady I've ever had - I feel so bad leaving. And we get keys to start moving on Feb 15th.

Sorry La Quinta Ward - We are moving back to Santa Rosa.


Laura said...

Great! You're back AND you live right next door to your mom. How much better can it get? (Well, that was a rhetorical question, I know everything can always get better:)

ModistaModesta said...

Things can always be better - but they can also be worse. So this is a good thing! In that aspect of life I couldn't ask for it to be any easier!


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