Saturday, December 18, 2010

Melted Snowman Christmas Cookies

You won't find many food posts on my blog except the one's were I go eat something somewhere and I really like it, and even those are very few.

I just had to share with you my daughters snowman cookies. My sister had made little oreo turkeys for  Thanksgiving, so she wanted to make something similar. She didn't figure out how to use the oreo cookie, but they turned out really good anyways.

She used a tube of Sugar cookie dough and baked them as instructed. Then she placed a Marshmallow on the cookie and melted it with a lighter, if you have one of those little torch things that would work better. It doesn't need much fire.

Then she poured some frosting she had put in the microware to make it semi-runny. and poured it over the marshmellow and the cookie. Then she decorated them. The eyes are mini chocolate chip morsels, and the rest she used colored tube frosting to draw the stuff in.

My Fridge was taken over by melting snowman:

These are my daughters:

And then my son tried to help:

His are drowning in frosting.

This one even has a green swirly hat!


Kelly said...

OMG - these are the cutest ever!!!! I love how your son's turned out, I'm quirky that way, LOL!!!
Merry Christmas :)

CK said...

These are AWESOME!


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