Monday, December 20, 2010

Quick Gift - Decoupage Notebook

I have 5 nephew's and 2 nieces. and it seems that every year we are more broke than the last. So the Christmas Gift budget for the extended family keeps getting smaller. So for a couple of years now I've been only giving gifts to the kids. Last year I made then crayon rolls from Skip to my Lou that I embroidered there names on - loved her tutorial.

This year I think I've hit sonic speed in how fast I was able to make all 7 gifts. I made them Decoupage Notebooks. I wrote a blog post early this year about my Decoupage secrets. I had to move my project to my cutting table because my scrapbook table is a mess!

For these 7 I bought kids wrapping paper one for the boys and one for the girls. The wrapping paper was very thin so the first few had way to much Mod Podge. I then used letters for the boys initials and I had small letters to be able to do the girls names (the short versions of there names).

If I do this again in the future I think I want to write something up that might inspire them to keep a journal and put that note inside.


PatriciaD said...

I LOVE this I have time to do this before Christmas...oh, wait, they're gonna be out of town so YES, I do...I'm going to buy supplies right now.

Modista Modesta said...

@Patricia - I hope you had time to make some - My nieces and nephews loved them.


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