Friday, August 6, 2010

So much to do, So little time

I woke up today with a determination to finish all these little projects I've got laying around the house. They are all over the place.

One of my friends was given a Mac mini and it had stuff on there that shouldn't be on a computer with or without kids in the house. So I've had it sitting in my office since before we left for Hawaii, I guess it's been at least a month.

This one got done! Reformatted and Reloaded!

I cleaned off the cutting table in the garage before it got hot, and since it's been over 100 degrees for over two months now, that was a while ago! I started cutting and knotting the ends for a simple quick blanket, by the way I've had this fabric since Lexi was born in Feb '09.

Not done!

Got side tracked, I remembered I had some pendants that needed bails. I was side tracked because the E6000 was sitting on the other table in the garage.

They have bails, not sure when they will get photographed and listed on Etsy, so I guess this one is a partial.

Speaking of Jewelry I think I have the youngest Jeweler on the planet (my niece Lexi):

I've been trying something new with the camera, I have the 55 to 200 lens on it even though I'm in the house, I'm always scared of getting up close to what I want to take a picture of, I always feel like I'm going to miss out on the surroundings or something. That is not the case I love these pictures.

It then got to hot to go back out to the garage so I remember I had a jean bib that I was going to embroider,

It's still sitting on the ironing board, because I couldn't find the embroidery fonts book to my sewing machine.

and the side track there, was that I started cleaning out my sewing desk drawers.

I did finish something else this week, I finished a simple LDS Temple dress, you want the BUT, well I'll give it to you anyways. This fabric, zipper and embroidered collar have been sitting in a bag, in a plastic bin being carried back and forth (I've moved 3 times since I bought them) The person to guess how many year ago gets a Free turtle pendant (pictured up there)????

Needless to say I have way more projects than I have time to do them all! I think I need to win the lottery, don't they say Time is Money!!


Grandmother Crone said...

I am so bad with projects. I start so many and even knowing that I won't complete a new project, I still start. I really admire your energy and stick-to-it-ivness.

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

your niece is just too cute making jewelry. I get sidetracked easily too.

Jersey Diva Mom said...

had to laugh on the side tracked-- my hubs told me "you're the only person i know who gets sidetracked while sidetracked!"

Lynn said...

You sound like me...going from room to room and finding something else to do and losing track of what you were doing in the first place! Love all of your crafts...I'm a scrapbooker, but that's as far as it goes!

Thanks for visiting and following me from Mom Loop Follow!! Following you now too!

ModistaModesta said...

Thank you ladies, I think I'm going to research on how to be able to reply to a comment. There's got to be a gadget I can stick into blogger!

Grandmother Crone I have projects so old they date back to before my daughter was born, I WILL finish them someday! I don't give up I just place it on hold for a long while.

Jersey Diva Mom - that was my day yesterday - sidetrack while on a sidetrack.

And Lynn those where only half of them the post was getting long so I trimmed it - I was starting to look like a crazy lady - I also have a project on my scrap booking table it's a shadow box with a flag and other Army stuff my son brought home from Iraq. It's waiting for some Medals he receive that he was going to give me and still hasn't.

TRR said...

I'm guilty of getting sidetracked on projects too, knitting ones, books, filing, computer projects...I know what its like.

But that lens you have is amazing. What kind of camera do you have? I'd love to take photos like that.

As to your question in the post, my guess is 10 years! Did I get it? ;-)

Ok, now get back to your projects :-) Oh and your niece is adorable.

ModistaModesta said...

@TRR How funny - the comments are reminding me of other pending projects - I think I'm going to have to make this a series. I have endless computer projects those would take all year - I do have two knitting projects I've been good with those mainly because I refuse to buy more knitting needless and I only have one Knitting Machine set up.

I have a Nikon D50 SLR and the lens is just a zoom lens that goes from 55mm to 200mm - the camera comes with an 18mm to 50mm which I've always used but is more for wide shots.

It's less than 10 years, but if no one less guesses I'll be happy to tell you the answer and send you the pendant!

Monica said...

i love her chubby little fingers, LOL!


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