Friday, August 20, 2010

My new Wheels.

My mom bought me a new lawn mower. Yes, the roles in our house are completely back wards. I'm ok with that, I don't like to cook and clean.

She was getting tired of paying $20 to have someone take care of her yard and that was just the front yard - the back yard was starting to look like the cornfield of weeds.

Now I just need a new weedeater and to figure out how to fix the sprinklers because I'm getting dry patches, the entire lawn is getting wet, maybe not wet enough for this heat.

Don't miss my Doggie in the window.

Now off to do some sewing I have a couple of projects I want to finish today and a wedding dress that needs alterations.


Salty Gal said...

Thanks for stopping by Esbe Chic and commenting :) Funny thing is there are a ton of old wagon wheels I could have thrown in the picture!

nice wheels, I've added you onto my Google reader, I'll follow as well!

Unknown said...

Thanks Britt. I love your Blog. Thanks for coming over and following.


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