Monday, August 9, 2010

Featured Blogger

As I go through the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge with the SITS Girls on the Blog Frog community. I learn to apply things that are basic human knowledge and that apply to life that you wouldn't think to apply to a blog.

Day 22 is Pay Special attention to a Reader.

For everyday Darren Rowse explains the task and then he explains why it works. For this task there was a sentence that really made sense. "many bloggers who build great blogs actually go out of their way to make there readers more famous."

I love this - When ever life is going wrong for me and things just seem like they are falling down around me, I stop and think "who have I served today? yesterday? this week? this month? this year? If I can't think of more that just a couple of things It means I'm to wrapped up in myself. When I'm to wrapped up in myself then I'm not serving my purpose, I'm not serving my family, I'm not serving my neighborhood, I'm not serving my community. We are not here to be alone. (As big of a loner as I am and like to hide) It's just not the case, and we will be reminded of it!

As I started to reach out to other bloggers and visit and join other sites, to see if my blog was needed and if it was something that I needed to continue for a purpose (since my time was slowly diminishing with other responsibilities) There were more than a handful of wonderful people that reached back.

Today I would like to feature one of them. Maria from BubbleGumAndDuctTape. I love how her blog also has a wide variety of crafts, and small snippets into her life. She has shown some crafts that I would have never thought of! She has wonderful instructions for those items that she shows you how to do.

I also feel a kinship as she is just starting out but unlike me she started out by reaching out! What a wonderful example. If she is a small blogger and not afraid, then neither am I!

Go on over to her blog and see for yourself.


Michelle Nist said...

I checked it out! Wow, what a fun blog you were right! I think today's task is going to be one I have to check all the posts!

Thanks for your nice comment and your post is a great explanation of why day #22 is so important.

Off to find more people who should be famous...

Sara R. said...

Great post on your reader! Stopping by from the challenge!

Dot said...

I try to set aside time every 2 weeks to respond personally to readers. This has been one of the most rewarding parts of starting a blog. I often receive nuggets of helpful info that otherwise, I may not have found on my own. Thank you for reminding to do this today!

Unknown said...

@Michelle I'm happy you went to go see her. I also think today's task is going to point to some really interesting blogs.

Unknown said...

@Millennial Housewife. Thank you for stopping by and all you support throughout the challenge.

Unknown said...

@ Dot I didn't have comments before (except from my sister) so I didn't realize how important that is to a blog (even though I did always respond to my sisters comments, it was instinct) It's all a learning process, and I'm enjoying it.

Mrs.Mayhem said...

Stopping by from 31dbbb challenge. This post is great for today's challenge. The reader you chose to feature sounds very interesting.

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

oh my goodness! I'm so touched. Thank you so much for your kind words.

I did get absorbed into blogland very quickly as I tend to want to help people in any way I can.

Sometimes it's posting my fun crafts to hopefully bring a little joy to someone. Sometimes it's posting messages to let them know I'm interested in their lives. Sometimes it's letting them know I'm praying for them and giving encouragement. But today, you have given me all of that and more.

I feel very happy that have chosen my blog to write about, specially because you are such an interesting and wonderful person.

I'll definitely have to blog about this and send out emails to friends and family to see. I don't think I could be any happier today.

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement, God Bless! xxx's hugs.

Unknown said...

Maria your welcome your friends and family should be proud of you. You are helping many.

Maureen said...

I'll have to check her blog out :D Haven't seen it before. Thanks for showing me the way. You are doing great with 31DBBB :D

Unknown said...

Thank you Maureen


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