Saturday, August 14, 2010

I didn't know I had a Secret to 31DBBB challenge

I'm having an anxiety attack it's 8:24 am and they haven"t posted the question for Day 27 in the SITS community on the Blog Frog.

Ladies (and a few Gents I believe) you see it has become an obsession, but truly I was just ready for it. There are things in life that come to us at the right time. This Blog challenge came to me at the right time.

Plus I haven't been up to date the whole time, I did get behind around Day 16 or so, and I was about 3 days behind and I didn't like it. I really really wanted to put everything I had into this challenge.

My Secrets:

1. I don't have kids - well I do but they are 26, 22 and 19, only the 19 year old is currently at home.

2. I don't cook and I don't clean. My husband is retired from the US Navy after being in for 22 plus years - he says something like "22 years, 4 months and 16 days" those aren't the numbers but you get what I mean. He cooks and cleans, and does a really good job at it.

3. I have to be up at 5 AM not matter what (I take care of my mom she has Devic's Disease and there are things she can't do for herself), so I moved in next door because she didn't want to go in a nursing home, and really she is well enough not to have to, My little sister and I take turns caring for her.

4. In order to stay awake I take my dog for at least a 2 mile walk every morning. That is a great way to wake up, and feel energized.

5. When the challenge started I told myself that I would walk straight to the computer after walking the dog! Period! That's usually about 6:30 AM.

6. I print out at least 2 or 3 days of the challenge and I set them on top of a folder, as I finish the task, I move those pages into the folder.

7. I read ahead at least 2 days, because the tasks are 15 minutes a day if you have prepared yourself for the task, either mentally (by knowing what you are going to do) or physically (by doing the research and homework for the task).

8. I write my Blog Post if it is required of the task, I don't blog for all tasks.

9. Then I post on Blog Frog, I go check out and comment on at least the post before me but I usually do 2 or 3 before me! I like that part I would love to do more, But I have limited time.

10. Then I twitter, oh I love the twitter, I spend all my time following those links everyone tweets. Again I would love to spend more time on this but I just don't have it. I did set myself a goal to do at least 2 or 3 people interactions before my time runs out.

Then I go to work - I work from 9:30 to 4. Then at 4 I go visit Mom again don't get back from there until 5:30 or so. My husband has dinner ready we eat. And then I either sew or knit or finish what ever craft is calling my name. I have way to many unfinished projects, That's why I'm adamant that this one is not going to be one of those unfinished projects.

And then in bed by 9:30 no matter what!


Serene said...

Wow, you are SO much more organized than I am, but I've stayed mostly caught up. Not totally, but I don't get down on myself when I get a little behind. I just do today's challenge without trying to catch up, and the joy of finishing today's usually pushes me to follow up by doing yesterday's (or whichever one I'm behind on).

(Just a friendly note: If you're moderating all comments, you may not want to also include a captcha, because people like me may decide not to jump through the extra hoop just to end up in a moderation queue.)

ModistaModesta said...

@Serene - sorry way to new to understand the friendly not which I appreciate.

I moderate all comments because I was getting a lot of spam, and then I left it because then I didn't miss reading them. So what is the extra loop I need to get rid of?

Kim said...

Wow you are organized. I'm up at 5am working then get to bed around 1-2am. I'm still behind. 31dbbb is not a priority for me though. I am getting sidetracked by emergency calls from my sister to help with our mom. She has Alzheimer.

FYI. You might want to have your Twitter handle up somewhere.

ModistaModesta said...

@Kim - Wow that is no sleep - when I don't get sleep I don't accomplish anything I walk around chasing my tail!

Alzheimer's is a difficult illness to have to deal with. Luckily my Mom doesn't have emergency's and we can sit her in a chair in the living room and she can just sit there and watch TV - she's mentally all there - she just can't walk.


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