Thursday, August 5, 2010

Get cash back for shopping Online at Ebates

Several months ago I started wondering were I wanted my blog to go, as it had no direction (still doesn't). I have now given my self permission to go all over the place and that just makes me happy, no longer a chore, or task or to do list. Well currently it is a to do list as I'm participating in the 31 Day Build a Better Blog challenge in the SITS community on Blog Frog.

Today in the Frugal Living Community on Blog Frog I came across this Post:

"Ebates wants to give you and every blogger a free iPad, or even send you and your spouse on a 7-night Hawaiian cruise! And the best part is that your readers are going to thank you for it.

Ebates pays you cash back every time you shop online. What's the catch? There isn't one! Online merchants pay a commission to websites when they send them buyers, and Ebates simply passes this commission back to you! We pay shoppers millions of dollars every year.

Want to buy something from Old Navy? Just go to Ebates first, and you'll automatically get 10% cash back (this week) on whatever you purchase.

There are thousands of stores to choose from!

We're so excited, we have our own referral program and this month we're launching our biggest bonuses ever! If you refer 50 people to Ebates who make a purchase over $20, we'll send you a free iPad! We think every blogger, no matter the size, has 50 readers who would love to know about 3% cash back at Target or one of our thousands of other stores. If you refer 300 people, we'll even send you and your spouse on a cruise!"

And who doesn't want an iPad or a Free Cruise.

But that isn't really why I'm posting about it here. I was excited to here you could get cash back for shopping online. I hate mall's I do all my shopping online. And now all I have to do is go to Ebates first and then from there enter the online store I want to shop at and I get cash back!!!

Sounds good to me!

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