Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm 40 years old

I turned 40 years old yesterday. For about half the year my family kept asking me what I was going to do for my 40th Birthday.

I had wanted to go to DisneyWorld in Florida. I put that as a plan in the back of my mind and started saving, the savings didn't add up to much. Then my brother asked if we wanted to go to Hawai'i. My daughter had never gone (neither had I but it really wasn't on my To do list) and my husband had been to all the Hawaiian Islands except for the Big Island which is where my brother was suggesting we go. I agreed we went and had a wonderful time - there are plenty of blog post to prove it.

So after that trip I knew that there was no way we would be able to go to Florida for my Birthday, heck I still can't seem to recover from Hawaii.

I put my Birthday out of my mind, didn't make any plans or invite any one over. Then finally my sister said on Sunday we have to at least have cake!

Sure but I want Chocolate! We have never been able to buy chocolate cake for Birthday cakes because my mom doesn't like chocolate cake. They bought me a chocolate cake and then they made vanilla cupcakes.

It was great, all you need to mark a big occasion is family, friends (that come even if you invite them last minute) and chocolate cake.

We lit the candles 3 times one for me and then for keegan because he just has to blow out the candles and his tia lets him do anything he wants and then poor chris started crying so he got to blow them out also.

Then there is always someone trying to make you have cake on your face, I'm not a joker so none of the adults tried it. My nephew Adrain wasn't scared of me - he told me to smell the cake because it smelled funny, mind you he wouldn't smell it first, so I smelled it just for kicks but only because I knew the frosting was slick and wasn't going to make a mess out of my face! He got a real kick out of it. He has kind enough to take the candles off of it first, that kid is growing up way to fast!

Tell me what did you do for your 40th Birthday or what do you plan to do for your 40th Birthday??


Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday! Sonia, I'm turning 50 next year! I want to go to the "Big Apple" for my 50th. I've never been and I really want to go. For my 40th, me and a few friends went to a club we used to go to the summer before College (MANY years before...:) The place hadn't changed! It was great.

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

Happy birthday! your pictures look so fun! I also had a small gathering with family and friends. They surprised me with cake and candles. We had karaoke in my backyard and laughed a lot. Your pictures look so fun.
You look fabulous daahling!

Unknown said...

@Kathryn Wow 50 a trip to the Big Apple sounds great. I love the idea of New York, all the Fashion, all the shopping, all the Culture, I just don't think I can handle the traveling and the crowds. I would like to go eventually, maybe I'll make that my 50 Birthday goal.

Unknown said...

@Maria Thank you, It's always fun to be around all the nephews (even if we were missing 3) My brother moved to AZ a couple of months ago.

Karaoke sounds like fun. I'm sure it would be with my crazy family.

Java said...


Happy Birthday girl!! I hope you had an awesome one!!

I am so excited that you joined the Over 40 Bloggers!! I added your blog to the list!!

Thanks for joining the party!

Hope you get lots of followers from it! Including me!! Please follow me back if you haven’t done so already!!

Be sure to come by every Friday for the Follow Friday 40 and Over Blog Hop!

Have a great day!!

When Pigs Fly said...

I think we went out to dinner with friends on my 40th. I turned 41 this year and have decided that officially I will remain 37 until people can't stop laughing.

Heligirl said...

Happy Birthday! I looks like you had a nice time - with your family choosing to celebrate you in their own way. Lucky mama! I've got 13 months to go until mine. I like your vacation idea. Hummm, I like it a lot. I think I just might have to choose a place. Do you think Tahiti would be too extravagant?

Unknown said...

@Java Thank you for providing the party, I've been following you since I found you, not to long ago. Friday's are crazy for me but I think I'm going to put them on my 'Blogging editorial Calendar' wow that sounds professional Thanks to the 31DBBB challenge hehe

Unknown said...

@ Jen I would like to keep saying I'm 37 but I'm the oldest of 5 children, there is no way I can get away with it - so I have to embrace it. Dinner out sounds like fun. I might try something simple next time.

Unknown said...

@ Heligirl - 40 is big if you can manage a trip, I'd do it and Tahiti if that is a dream there's no better excuse than 'I'm turning 40' See Ya!

Unplanned Cooking said...

I think I'd celebrate just like you do: with family + chocolate. Sounds perfect.

Clara in Paradise said...

Happy birthday old lady! :) You are 3 days older than me, I turned 40 on the 12th!

What I did? I went out for Japanese food with my daughter (my husband is on a business trip), I am not into celebrating birthdays too much, but have fun at other people's BDs.

Unknown said...

@Clara - It must be a Leo thing I also don't like making a big deal out of my Birthdays (that's why I wanted to go on a trip) but I love making a big deal out of others birthday's.

Mmmmm Japanese food! Haven't had it in a while my husband doesn't like it - so I only go when I get to eat out with other's which isn't often.


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