Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jinxed Quinceanera Dress & Party

My Cousin called me a week and an half ago and said that they had to move the party up from the 29th of Nov to the 22nd of November, and wanted to know if the dress would be finished in time, I said yes, but she will be trying it on for the first time a couple of hours before she needs to wear it, so we will have to relly on the measurements taken as there won't be enough time to alter it. It fit Great - I love Garment Designer, you can get the pattern fit correct the first time around!.

My Cousin Patricia (Lohami's Mom) and Randy (My husband)

I finished the dress in the nick of time. Actually I finished it late, My Mom came home from work on Friday at around 4 PM, and said "Are you ready to go", I said "No, I'm not done we'll have to leave in the morning". I was still working on the large bow that goes on the side of the dress.

So we get in the car Saturday at 7 AM getting ready to go, and my Mom says "Every one has there passports, Right?" and I say "No, you didn't give me mine back to put away from the last trip to Mexico" "yes I did" "No you didn't" "yes, I did". Well that went on for about an hour while she looked in her hiding places and I looked in mine. Then she says mad as can be for being wrong "I've got it lets go!"

From left to Right: Stephanie (my daughter), Christina (My cousin who traveled 2 days on a bus to come from southern MX) Florencia (My Mom), and Lohami (My Cousin Patricia's daughter)

So now we are late again. I drive 80 in a 55 for about 100 miles. I was so thankfull I didn't get a ticket, even though we did see a few patrol cars.

We get there and my cousin went and borrowed a hoop skirt instead of doing what she said she was going to do to the one I measured. Well it didn't work the hoop skirt she borrowed was much smaller, so the skirt looked funny as it had nothing stable enough to support it. We said oh well and put 3 tule skirt under it.

Florencia (my Mom) and Lohami:

The dress fit, other than the skirt problem, so I marked the hem and hemed it. We left her there with her dress as they were doing her hair, so they could all finish getting ready.

We went and did other things we needed to do. And then met them at the church. My cousins daughter walks up to me and says "Do you have the bow?" "No honey, I left it on your bed after you tried on the dress." and she says "I'm sorry, I looked everywhere and couldn't find it." in a very sorry tone probably waiting for me to get upset. At this point it's to late, they were late in arriving and everyone was waiting in the church. "No worries lets get in the church and do this." was the only thing I could say.

It turned out Great in the end!!


CK said...

Beeeeeeautiful dresssss!!!! And I'm glad you didn't get a ticket ;)

Sonia Barton said...

Thank you CK, she was happy with it and that is really what matters.


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