Friday, December 5, 2008

Was going to be Santa Rosa RS Christmas Party Post...

But as I was editing the pictures (I always have to edit my pictures - My daughter and Sister get mad at me - they yell "use the zoom to get in there") I came across this picture of myself and my daughter:

and this one of my self with my husband in the background:

and realized - "I'm awake!" Since my husband retired on Sept 7th, 2001 from the US Navy after 22 years of Active duty Our family has been going thru hell - it was literally hell. Just sitting here remembering any small portion of the last 7 years, I can't stop sobbing. There are no picture of me during that period the few that were taken I deleted, because you could just see the tourcher and torment in my eyes.

I am so greatfull to be on the other side of all of that. We are still not any where near being back to normal but everything is Well - I love the Hymn "Come Come Ye Saints" All is Well!!

Now back to the Santa Rosa Ward Christmas Part - It was Great!!!!! This has been the easiest calling I've ever had, With Sister Caress knowing what she wants, and Sister Ginther being able to expand on it, the only thing I do is make sign up sheet, a few reminder phone calls, and stand up and conduct the activity.

There was wonderful food, Lots of people came I had to quickly set up another table, and wonderful singing, My little Sister Monica gave a wonderful Spiritual thought. There is only pictures of the singing, because as I found out after editing the pictures the photographer was busy taking pictures of herself in the bathroom, Still a teenager I guess:

We asked everyone to bring a baby blanket that will then be donated to our local hospital JFK Memorial Hospital to the Maternity and Pediatrics ward to be given to the babies that don't have much when they go home, especially the babies going into Foster Care.

We received exactly 100 blackets, 2 baby towels, a box of washcloths, and a pack of baby socks!!!

There were some wonderful Handmade blankets, I love the stitch pattern on the green one it's like a faux cable of sorts.

and like me the rest of us bought some blankets:

The Young Women will delive there Santa Bag to the hospital soon, I hope they take a picture then I can update it here.

As my little sister said if we keep a Christ centered Christmas and not give in to the presure of commercialism - we can truly catch the true meaning of Christmas. She read the poem "The White Stocking" So we set up a tree and put white boots with the poem inside for everyone to take:

There wasn't a Stocking at this wonderful Store "Flashbacks" in Del Mar - that allows you to use there die cut machine when you buy the paper there. (2673 Via De La Valle, Del Mar, CA 92014 - 858-481-8878 my old stomping grounds) So I chose to use a boot, in Mexico the children put out there boots instead of hanging socks, and the star well it was perfect as a reminder of the Star of David!

It was all so wonderful!!! Thank you all!!!!

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Taryn said...

Sonia what a party! It was great, it was wonderful! The boots were such a cute idea! You had such a great turn out. And the blankets...that is just awesome that you had so many! Thanks for all your hard work. It was a fun night! By the way I need your e-mail please!=)


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