Saturday, November 15, 2008

Palm Springs Art Museum

In all the years of living in the Palm Springs area, I had never been to the Palm Springs Art Museum. About a month ago we saw a TV commerical advertising an exhibit called " Frida Kahlo, Through the Lens of Nicholas Murray". Stephanie quickly said "I want to go, I want to go." So I told her we would go when she got caught up with all her homework, She's been slacking I guess she's getting Senioritis. She can't afford to get seniorities, She has to finish all 9 classes this semester and 8 next semester with A's or B's, in order to have a chance at getting into Cal Maritime Academy.

We went on Friday. It was wonderful, they had lots of bronze pieces, this is my favorite:

Can you guess why? It looks like a wedding dress!

There was also a glass exhibit, Way cool!

I know the story of Frida Kahlo well, but I didn't know the story of Nicholas Murray. He was the first Photographer to sell color photographs to magazines. The first one was June 1931 Published by the Ladies' Home Journal - it was a swimming pool advertisement of seventeen live models wearing beachwear in Miami. This was groundbreaking since I guess the problem was that no one in America had the technology or experience to capture vibrant color or flesh tones.

He traveled to Germany where he bought a Jos-pe, a one-shot camera, and also brought with him color negatives.

It was interesting to see pictures of her in front of her art. We were only allowed to take pictures in the main lobby area.

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