Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nov. off to a good start.

It has been a great weekend. As you can tell from the previous post, Michael did arrive while we were in Nashville. We checked into the hotel on Friday night, and then we just sat around all day Saturday and waited for a phone call. Finally around 3 PM they call and tell us his plane is due to arrive at 3:50 AM Sunday Morning. So we went and got something to eat, and came back and waited, there was no sleep that night.

It's about an hour and a half drive from Nashville to Fort Campbell, so we left way early since we would be traveling in the dark. It is a beautiful courtry area, I love the old buildings, and Ranches/Farms along the side of the road. I saw two shooting stars on the drive in. November was off to a good start.

We sat in a very, very large airplane hanger on bleachers. Then when it came time, we moved outside and waited on the tarmack and watched the plane fly in, and all the soldiers get off one by one, all 300 or so, we all yelled, screamed and hollerd. There were two adorable children standing in front of us, and every soldier to then as 'daddy'. I would post pictures. But they all look like this:

It was way to dark. The video came out great, my new video camara has NightShot. I'll have to figure out how to edit and post video.

They then lined up and walked into the airplaine hanger, again we all screamed, and shouted. There was a short ceremony, and then they released the soldiers. Just thinking of all the emotion in that room, I get choked up. It is an indiscriable feeling. My sleepless nights will no longer be because of the news I watched that night about Iraq.

We then took him home (hotel room), it was a Suite with a full kitchen that I had stocked the night before. A 24 year old boy can eat. We sat around and eat lunch and figured out that we were all wide awake even though none of us had been to bed. So we went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.


Monica, Josh, and Keegan said...

WOW! I had no idea that it was so formal, that's so cool.

ModistaModesta said...

I have some really cool video, I'll show it to you for FHE.


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