Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Doing your child homework!

Why is it that at many points in our childrens education, we as parents get stuck doing there homework???

My daughter has a Community Service Learning class, It's a new requirment for all graduating High Schoolers. It's nice that they would want to teach our children to give Service to our Community, but we haven't found an organization yet that lets, children under the age of 18 volunteer without a parent.

I've done some Community Service in my life, but doing this class with my daughter has helped me realize how little I have actually done.

A few of the Students in the class formed a Community Service Club, They have written cards to Soldier's, done some cleaning around town, and now they ventured into a huge project.

They decided they want to learn to knit, and knit scarves for the local Nursing home. Keep in mind none have knit before and there are 37 residents in the home. They want to deliver these for Christmas with some cookies and other goodies.

They started this project in Sept, it's now Nov 18th and they have 17 scarves, of which I machine knit 7 of them - in my spare time :-) does anyone have some of that time they can give away, I'm running out of it, right about now.

So I taught one of the girls how to use the LK-150 and sent her home with it. We'll see what happens.

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Taryn said...

Holy cow Sonia that corset is beatiful. You are so talented. And what a great mom you are to do that(service project) with Stephanie. Thanks so much for doing that sewing class. It was really fun. You ROCK!


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