Saturday, November 15, 2008

Done sewing the Corset

I've gotten pretty quick at sewing corsets. I remember the first one I did back in school, the pattern alone took me over 7 hours. Now I can custom measure, custom pattern draft (using Garment Designer) and sew the corset in the same 7 hours.

I have a trick I use so that the lines of the boning end up perfect. I sew the pieces together, then press open the seams, I then put down some seams great - It's sticky on both sides, then I center the boning sleeve on the seam, and iron the boning sleeve to the open seam. Then I take it to the sewing machine and stitch right on top of the boning sleeve stitches.

Sometimes I'm not quite center, but when I get brave and sew the seam in a contrasting color, all you can see is the two perfectly perpendicular seams, you don't even notice that the center seam is no perfectly centered.

That's my tip for tricking the eye - instead of driving yourself crazy. I should have the skirt done tomorrow morning.

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