Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Information overload

It was an interesting process to try to follow directions on how to accomplish something in a software that was recently updated and now none of the directions match. The wonders of quickly advancing technology. In any case Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps a website owner to quickly learn what is or isn't working on a website. Linking the Analytics to Google Ad Words was the frustrating part since Ad Words is the software that was recently upgraded. It also would have been nice to know that if you want to link the two accounts you should have signed up using the same Google account. Which makes sense, but when I signed up for Ad words I used a newer Google account than the one that I already had that had an established Google Analytics account. Needless to say I was going around in circles. I finally accomplished the task of linking the two accounts after giving up a couple of times. Knowing the data that is available in Analytics I can see the benefit of linking the two accounts. It will give you loads of information to be able to create better marketing strategies.

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